Attract More Traffic by Republishing Your Blogs on Medium

We all want to get a maximum number of people like our content. Don’t we? Well, one such way is to make your existing blogs/articles republish. And what can be a better platform for this than the most popular site other than Medium?

Why choose Medium?

A global ranking of 416 makes Medium among the most popular and visited sites from the available one. The user- friendly interface has helped Medium to gain a ranking of 257 in the US which also contributes to making the site popular amongst the people. Being active on Medium is just like using Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can easily make an account there and can get started.

With our this article, we will be helping you with all the necessary and basic help that you need for working with Medium. We hope it can serve you any help.

Know Medium inside out:

It comes as an amazing platform that can be used by the writers to bring any post or blog from any site into Medium. Although you need to add the related video or image with it. Now the main question that pops up is how to actually start with it. Let’s discover:

  1. After deciding on the topic that you want to republish add its link to import tool of Medium.
  2. Click on the “Import” button.
  3. After clicking on the import button all the related details of that blog will be fetched. You can change anything in the post or can add the image of your choice since the post is in the draft stage. The imported article also has a link to the original article that with rel=canonical tag.
  4. You can do any basic editing with the text part but for adding the images you first need to download them from the original blog or can add them manually. By clicking on “See my story” you can add multimedia to your article.

Customize settings:

For letting Medium site import images directly, you need to customized certain settings that are as follow:

  1. Make your post title customized and search engine friendly by clicking on the three dots available on the right side of the story panel.
  2. Next, click on the “custom” option that appears.
  3. After this, save your settings by clicking on the “save” option.
  4. The next important thing that you need to add to your articles is “tags”. You can simply add them by making the publish button dropdown. Make sure you only add relevant tags which can make your article searchable.
  5. Once you have added all the necessary details you are now ready to publish your article. Just click on the “publish” button and make your article go live.

Other than this Medium also offers you to create publications for your brands and topics. This can help you to make people aware of your name by adding other publications on yours and by following different authors there. You also get an option to schedule your publishing date and time.

Improve visibility:

Medium is an excellent platform that can help you gain high visibility in the market. You can also check the stats of your published article by clicking on the “stats” option. The option of “referrers” lets you know even the inner details of the individual story which can help you to be sure about the performance of the article. The basics to get and engage more readers to your work is by using tags properly, using simple language, adding attractive headlines, etc.

Final Verdict

Medium simply gives you the advantage to attract a huge number of crowd to your blog. Just be clear about what you want to deliver them and how you can give them a fruitful content. Use “Medium” as a Medium to reach out to a number of people.  Don’t forget to tell us your experience of republishing your work on Medium in the comment section.