Choose the best between Social Traffic and Search Traffic

Social Traffic vs Search Traffic – As the world is getting advanced with the wave of digitalization, the businesses are seeing a growing competition to survive. It is not easy for the companies to stick to the old methods for keeping their customers satisfied. The growing scenario demands innovations and uniqueness in ways to engage the clients.

One of the most important things nowadays is to reach out to as many people as possible so that number of people are aware of you and what are you offering. One of the ways to do so is to have an effective marketing strategy for your business.

The world of blogging is nowhere different than the other sectors. It also requires having a right marketing plan for reaching to the right and targeted audience. But, the main question of concern here is that out of so many available options that we have for marketing which one is the right channel to choose? The most common battle that is going around is between the two leading channels: “Social Traffic” or “Search Traffic”.

The world of blogs is different than the rest of the businesses. Every blog is different than the other and thus it is difficult to choose a fixed marketing channel for them. While some marketing channel will be good for news-based blogs and some will be good enough for the other sort of blogs.

Is Social Traffic Really Valuble?

Well, we understand your dilemma and thus have presented together with a list of different types of blogs that are trending in the market and by which medium they really get traffic on their site from. The analysis will help you find the best option for you. Come, let’s have a look.

1. Backlinko:

This is the most common and trending blog on SEO that rules the internet. It doesn’t believe in publishing huge quantity of blogs but is focused on presenting quality blogs to the readers. To our surprise, it gets a total of 4% of the traffic from the different social platforms available. By getting an amazing 34% share of the traffic from direct marketing and 7% share from email marketing, this blog is roaring very smoothly. Other than this, they get their share of 44.89% from the different search platforms.

2. Wait But Why:

It is very important to have an interactive and free-flowing content to hook up the readers. This is exactly what you can expect from these blogs. From their casual style of writing along with the use of cute and expressive images to the type of content they choose to write for, this blog is unbeatable. They have established themselves as a brand by having a share of 34% from direct traffic. They hold their command by getting traffic of 40.25% from social platforms and 13.94% through search platforms.

3. Jon Loomer’s Facebook Ads Blogs:

These are the blogs that target the advanced features of Facebook ads. Now, since he is dealing with Facebook blogs you would expect him to get more traffic from the social platforms but it will come to you as a surprise that he gets 48.75% of his traffic from the search platforms while 9.27% from the social platforms. His 36.51% of traffic from direct marketing is really an impressive stats.

4. Business Insider:

As the name suggests, these blogs covers original and latest news and all the business related content. With about 41.54% of traffic from search platforms to 30.82% from the social platforms, these blogs are shining like no one else.

As per what we get to know through the different stats is that it doesn’t matter that if you are dealing with the social issues you will get your majority traffic from the social platforms and likewise is the case for search platforms. The social traffic that you get depends on the type of content who write which indeed help you get established as a brand which helps you to get a high score on the direct marketing channels. With the casual and fun-filled content, you can lead through the social platforms.

Final Words

We hope this article has helped you in knowing what you need to do and put your focus on to attract traffic to your blogs and which out of the many platforms will be the best fit for you. Analysis yourself and find the domain which you excel in and then present yourself as a brand by making the content as your king. It is not impossible to make any funny posts on the social channel but all you need to know is how to present it.

Let us know which channel, social traffic or search traffic, you find to be most useful for getting the most audience and how you are making the most of it. Also, we will be interested in knowing what more efforts you are putting to get sufficient amount of traffic from other channels. Do let us know in the comment section.