In this fast running time and rapidly growing technology, the excess of email applications has been developed for the user comfort. However, safety and security of data is the most common requirement of any user. As there are various email clients available in the market so, migration could be needed from one email application to another; for example, migration from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes. Outlook is the most preferable desktop email application but lacks behind in security when compared with IBM Notes.   Therefore, how to convert Outlook PST files into NSF files has become the most common query asked by the user switching from Outlook to Lotus Notes.

Both of them provide great performance with advanced functionalities such instant messaging and task scheduling. The most crucial thing about these email clients is that both have a wide range of similar functions but becomes different when it comes to the data storage format. Outlook PST to NSF conversion is not at all an easy process manually. However, one can try manual using a migration tool rendered by the Lotus Notes i.e. nUpgade.exe but it is not the best solution to perform the migration. Therefore, it is advised to go for some reliable and effective third party.

Trick to Convert Outlook PST to NSF

Convert outlook pst to nsf

Why Migrate from Outlook to Lotus Notes?

The needs and requirements of the users are changing daily. They can get easily attracted to any email application when it comes to safety and security of their crucial data. MS Outlook has many advantages and provides great security but somewhere it lacks when compared with the security level of the Lotus Notes. It provides encoding, encryption, authentication of messages and etc. This advanced level of security features makes users switch from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes due to which users want to import PST to NSF file format.

Manual Trick to Export Outlook PST into NSF File Format

In order to convert Outlook PST to Lotus Notes NSF file manually, follow the steps mentioned below:

IBM Notes installation offers an optional feature to install the Migration tools. If a user has not installed this feature, then, it becomes necessary to reinstall the application with the migration tool. As the migration tools installed on the system, one can proceed further to start the migration process through command prompt.

Before You Begin

  • Please confirm MS Outlook is configured on the local machine instead of Internet Mail as Workgroup/ Corporate.
  • Make sure that MS Outlook is configured as default email application on the system.
  • Microsoft Outlook PST / PAB files are connected to profile on the workstation.

Convert PST to NSF Format using nUpgrade.exe

To begin the process, follow the instruction mentioned below:

1. First of all, navigate to the Command Prompt by pressing Win+R Keys and type cmd.exe >> Enter button

Run cmd

2. After that, change the Lotus Notes client program directory. To do the same, type the directory path of nUpgrade.exe. Then, type nupgrade.exe 3 command to open the Upgrade window

Execute nupgrade

3. As the Upgrade Wizard screen display, click on Next button to continue

Lotus notes

4. Next, choose the Outlook profile connected to the file (PST / PAB) that you want to export and then, click on Next button to continue the process

5. Now, you need to choose the upgrade method with which you want NSF upgrade to export your personal data. It is suggested to select Express or Custom option and then, click on Next to continue

Lotus notes upgrades

Suggestion: If you want to convert selective items from Outlook to Lotus Notes, then go for the Custom option. If you want to convert all data items, then go for Express option.

6. In the main Upgrade Screen, click on Finish button to start the process. As the process begin, you will be asked to provide the User ID of IBM Notes

7. As the conversion process completed by the Upgrade Wizard, you will be notified with a message. All the PST or PAB files that are converted, display in the Folder view of the database with AAA_PersonalFolder.nsf as the name. All the contacts stored in Outlook are converted and moved to Personal Address on the local machine with Names.nsf as the name.

Point to Remember:

If you are exporting PST files to Lotus Notes 6.5.3 or above versions, the contacts exported from Outlook to IBM Notes will not be move to the Names.nsf file. Rather of this, the contacts are moved as a part of the AAA_PersonalFolders.nsf database.  However, if you want the contacts in the local Names.nsf file, then open AAA_PersonalFolders database and click on Actions >> Synchronize Address Book.

Professional Solution to Import PST file in Lotus Notes

PST to NSF Converter is the software that easily converts Outlook PST to Lotus Notes NSF file format.  This tool allows the migration of all data items stored in the PST file format to NSF format. Moreover, the tool also maintains the data integrity and on-disk folder hierarchy while conversion. Unlike the manual method, which is very complex and lengthy to perform, the commercial solution provides conversion in few clicks. This complete procedure is quite easy and straight forward to perform.

Final Words

Safe & secure data is the topmost priority for every user. Lotus Notes offers a high level of security as compared to Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, most of the users are searching for How to convert Outlook PST files into NSF file format. Hence, a user can perform it using a manual trick or third party tool according to the user’s choice. However, to have a proper solution without any data loss it is suggested to go for a professional solution like PST to NSF Wizard.


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