What do you think your system all contains? Document files, media files, software, important data and a few more similar files?

Apparently YES! I would say these are the exact files that make your computer usable and worthy. But hey wait! There is something more that you need to look upon. Let’s raise the curtain from your system and see the hidden files.

Apart from the above mentioned, your system contains junk files, temporary files, obsolete files, duplicate files and lot more of such files. Now you see it has more than you ever imagined. And probably these are the culprits for your lagging Windows computer.

Disk cleanup tool
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What’s the rescue then?

Your hard disk (if not more, then at least some of its part) must be containing all such files. These files occupy recoverable space. But at times it is hard to bring them out (no wonder many of these are hidden files). This is where you would require a handy and reliable cleanup tool, which helps you find all of them in a jiffy.

Amongst the whole lot of such tools, Disk Analyzer Pro is one of the most reliable one. This review about the tool will help you use the tool rightly. Here you go.

Overview – Disk Cleanup & Management

Disk Analyzer Pro Overview

Disk Analyzer Pro is a disk cleanup and disk management tool for Windows. Now this is a bang on tool! This helps you detect and delete redundant files in quicks. Here is how it works.

  • You need to primarily install and launch the tool on your system.
  • The tool then, welcomes with a brief intro about it and confirms you to continue with scanning.
  • Once you continue, it will give you the access to scan disk(s) on your system.
  • Select any of the disk that you want to scan and continue with ‘Start Scan’.
  • Let the tool scan your disk. It will take a few minutes, depending upon the data storage on your disk (for me tool 2 minutes).
  • Now it will present all your data in summaries. These summaries include Types, Attributes, Size, Date, Time, Ownership, Summary and Folders List summaries.

Disk Analyzer Pro Files

  • You need to carefully look upon these summaries and delete the files that are unnecessary.
  • To delete any file with Disk Analyzer Pro, right click on the file and delete it with ‘Delete’ option.

Disk Analyzer Pro Utilities Kit

Exclusive Features of Disk Analyzer Pro:

Disk Analyzer Pro helps you free up disk space with its extravagant features. These are listed below:

  • View: View feature will help you Big, Oldest, Compressed, Junk and many more files in a click. Along with this, it also lists size of the file with which you can look for files.
  • Tools: Tools basically has recycle bin option in it. Click on ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ and get away with all the files that are still there on your hard disk via recycle bin.
  • Utilities Kit: This feature will help you connect with another useful tool, namely Right Backup. Right Backup will help you store all your data on cloud safely and securely.
  • Explorer: Explorer is literally a summary of Disk Analyzer Pro. This summary lists all files and folder on the disk, which is useful for a quick preview of all files.
  • File Viewer: File Viewer is the common file explorer tab on this disk cleanup tool for Windows. It opens when you double click on any of the summary and is essentially helpful for deleting file and folders.

Disk Analyzer Pro File List

  • Settings: Last but not the least are the setting of this disk management tool for Windows. It has got Columns, Display Unit, Exclude and Misc. Filters options. You can customize the scanning and summary view with these options.

Final Verdict

Disk Analyzer Pro is a quirky and reliable disk cleanup tool. It frees up disk space in no time. All you need is a swift scanning and carefully preview over your files. And you are DONE!

You will be able to cleanup and manage your disk with this disk management tool in no time. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Along with this, it is also available for Mac.


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