Do photos and duplicates sound synonyms to you? Well, this is the same for most of us. Whether deliberately or not, most of us click plenty of pictures on every occasion. Often times, this is when the litter (technically duplicate photos) finds its place on our cameras and ultimately on systems.

How to deal with this so-called perplexing matter?

While I was looking for a resourceful tool (which could help me delete duplicate photos in factions of time), I found Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. It’s a tool exclusively designed to scrub out duplicate photos from a device. Simply stating, it’s powerful yet easy to use the tool, accessible even by an amateur technical geek. I’d commend its features for that! Here they go.

Major Highlights- Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro ’s Features

Any tool, app or program is great because of its legible feature. I call Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro great and here is the proof!

  • Add Files: As soon as the tool is installed, it welcomes you with a window to add files and folders you want to scan. Multiple folders can be added for scanning, with a few clicks on the tool.

User Alter: Two alternatives are attached i.e. drag and drop and add files and folders. Choose either of them in this step.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro Comparison

  • Comparison Method: After adding files or folders, you need to set the comparison method, with which you’d like to scan your pictures. The tool offers you two alternatives- exact match and similar match.

Just as the name suggests, exact match will look for exact copies of an image, whereas a similar match will look for resembling images. For user’s ease, developers have added a customization feature, which lets you take control of duplicate finding through similar match method. All core comparison specifics are listed here, like matching level, bitmap size and alike.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro Comparison

  • Scanning and Results: Once these primary settings are done, you need to start the scanning by clicking on ‘Scan for Duplicates’ button. The tool will scan for duplicates amongst the huge photo gallery you have added. All the results are then shown on another window with options to auto-mark or manually mark the duplicates. Once you have marked them, the ‘Delete Marked’ option will pop up. Click on it and all your duplicate photos will be deleted.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro Delete

  • Settings of the Tool: The tool also has some settings which help you personalize the working of the tool. Right on top of the tool’s window, you would find settings option, which lists confirmation for dialog box on deletion, auto-marking, and on moving back. Select them if you don’t wish to see these dialog boxes while scanning and deleting duplicates.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro Alert

Final Verdict

The tool is handy, accurate and impressive. Anyone can count on Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for removing duplicates from the system in instants. Simply add any folder or files on the tool and recover chunks of memory space by deleting duplicate files from your system.

Download the tool and get rid of duplicates! Get it from here.


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