The wireless network is simply effective to access the internet so today most of the users love to use wireless networks. The internet is highly important for the modern generation people because now everyone wants to use the internet. The computer is highly necessary to access the internet very effectively. Every wireless network device has a Wireless Access Point IP address that can help to access the internet and secure the internet signals from unauthorized users. The users need to figure out the access point IP address of wireless network device. Generally these days users need to log in wifi network and have to set up a powerful password to simply avoid hacking and other unauthorized access. The users have to change the password regularly to avoid unwanted issues. If users are already connected to wifi network then it is very simple to find out the access point IP address. In case users not connected with wifi then they have to access the Ethernet connection. The users can simply determine the router IP address when it is connected with wifi by Ethernet cable. The users no need a password when connecting by Ethernet cable.

Wireless Access Point

The common steps to find a wireless access point IP address

The wireless access point is also a networking device that helps to receive and transmit internet signals. This device is also having an IP address that might give a security to the device. The security is very important when using the internet so users need to protect devices with a strong password setup. The users have to follow some steps to find a wireless access point IP address.

  • The users should go to Start, Run and type CMD to view the command prompt
  • The users should open the command prompt
  • They have to type ipconfig and enter it
  • The users can see access point IP address like

These steps are well enough to know the wireless access point IP address. However, users can get various benefits by using this IP address. The wireless access point IP address can help to protect wifi network signals from unwanted users. The wifi signal strength is also highly increased with using access point IP address. The common people can avoid security issues with effective password setup. Every wireless network device users should know about default IP address of wireless access point. The users have to use the exact default IP address otherwise they can’t make any password setup. The default IP address is very important to access settings page of the device. The IP address should be in right format otherwise users can’t get access point interface. Normally access point interface helps to reset a password, make a new password, change the setting of the access point and also users can change the default IP address with access point interface.

The General Informations about the wireless access point                   

The wireless network is pretty flexible to access the internet and mobile users also able to get wifi network signals. The wireless access point is highly fundamental to access internet without any problems. Actually, the wireless access point is available in two types such as software and another one is hardware. The users can access wireless software access point very easily. The users can simply download it without any issues. The hardware access point is another type of access point. The users have to buy dedicated access point that might helps to get greater range wifi signals. Normally an access point transmits requests for signals on wireless network devices. Most wireless network devices are working like in this method. When a device connected with access point then it becomes part of the local area network.  The warless access point is simply powerful so today the most numbers of users love to access wireless access point. The users no need to know any programming language to make changes in the wireless access point device. The common users can enjoy the wifi signals without any problems. This device gives the capability to simply extend the local area network without any wires.

The configuration of the wireless access point

The wireless access point is highly simple to configure but users should know about configuration procedure. The users must use a cable to connect with a network device. After completion of the connection, users can able to see access point IP address automatically. The users can do any configuration settings on the effective access point. If users don’t know about doing access point configuration then they no need any worry about it because that is very simple with help of advanced user manual.  This access point configuration might help to the static wired network so users have to learn about how to configure the wireless access point. The users need to use access point IP address that should be a default IP address like IP address. The users should not allocate 192.168.o.1.1 IP address that can make problems during the access point configuration.


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