At present business world is digitalizing their business. In this situation there is a need of perfect log management tool with cloud support. We suggest you as a true deliverance. This cutting edge technology is capable to manage and access logs from different departments through cloud storage. Due to effectiveness of service, we are sharing the review with our readers.

As fast as digitization is taking place among various sectors. This technology driven world have need of efficacious log analyzer and management tool to perform logging best practices. Now is an industry standard and that’s why top companies have faith on this tool.

Log Management & Analysis Tool

Brief About is an amazing real-time and big data software for business development. This real-time business intelligence solution was derived for online marketers to analyze market.

This log analyzer making digital life simper for different corporates. In the data centric age the world is being digital. Like other things digitalized data should also be monitored and managed for better efficiency and troubleshooting. By this way it is possible to improve business operations with better precision and measurability in the long run. i.e. Better Log Management

Small to large corporates should adopt as it enables real-time log data sharing among multiple department. Which makes possible to analyze the performance of all the operations through all the stored logs. All this makes the an excellent tool thus it is used by many companies globally.

Features of

On the web one can search many different log management tools but this review will let you know the best features of this. It is a powerful log management software that all corporates need. I bet your decision making team will definitely prefer. have the syslog-ng functionality that is one of the amazing features. It systematically forwards the log files. Additionally it is loaded with lots of other unmatched features.

1. Cloud-based Setup

As Logmatic log analyzer is the cloud based web application thus it is available all the time. It means no need to install this application on any of the office system. Logmatic has a centralized analysis platform where all the recorded logs can be integrated.

2. Wise Data Management

Logmatic converts all the logs into a structured data that is simpler and effective in comparison to real data. Logmatic can recognize various patterns and has options to customize, regulate and manage different logs. Dynamic tagging makes easy to track each transaction and requests data sent or received throughout the operation.

3. Monitoring Abilities

Machine data monitoring brings better efficiency and smooth operations for a business in the end. In Logmatic, using different attributes, centrally logged data helps to monitor specific data more accurately.

4. Flexile Alerting

Custom alerts can analyze the logs for certain types of search queries and metrics. Client is notified in the real-time if any abnormality comes within the system. All the changes did within the logs will send alerts via email and all reports will be kept daily, weekly and monthly basis, all depends on your preferences.

Merits of Opting

Against its competitors has lots of features to give something extra and better than other in the market. After using it one can enjoy his business operation with the peace of mind. Here’s why market is believing on the amazing log analyzer after know about this.

1. Fantabulous Monitoring

If a system have quality monitoring feature then only all errors and abnormal activities can be logged on time. Logmatic system has this inbuilt capability to do this. It is able to monitor entire system and running apps to measure performance to look for any scope of improvement.

2. Instant Alerts

Logmatic is not only monitoring and recording logs about errors but can send alert on time. The client receive quick alerts as any sort of abnormality recorded that can fiddle with the performance of the operations.

3. Simple User Interface

At this time simple user interface gives lots of value to an efficient log management tool like It brings with fully customizable and dynamic dashboards. Users can set dashboard as per their preferences for simple navigation. This thing not only give better log analysis opportunity but also saves a lot of time to complete the various related tasks.

4. Data Sharing

It’s not only a performance oriented trustworthy web application but smart enough to share logs among different departments within organization through centralized interface. Sharing can be done at different access and authorization levels. Log analytics extracts value from the Apache access logs or Ngnix. All this provide clearer information to drive business forward, taking the right decision at right time and evaluating the impact.

5. Advanced Reports

If monitoring and troubleshooting various operation’s logs then keeping reports is essential thing. With variety of reports can be generated and sent directly to registered email.

Final Verdict is a modern log management tool to make business operations simpler within an organization. Most of the big corporates are relying on the quality and efficiency of this tool.


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