What Makes the About Page Amazing? Know with these Examples.

For any page, the most important part is the “about page”. An attractive description of yourself in that section is considered an essential point which the users find to know about you and your company or blog writing.

When blogging the description about the author is considered as related to the writing style and approach. A well-written description about the writer and the blogging page will automatically help the readers to relate to the writer which will automatically help you get more number of likes for your content.

What Makes Your Blog’s About Page the Best?

Having a great description in the about section will give an impression of professionalism and will also create that much needed first impression which will attract plenty of users to the writing. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Knowing the importance of a good description one must invest a nice amount of time when mentioning the same as it will be the first thing that the visitors will look at when visiting your page. Considering some of the well-written examples of the “about section” and create an amazing one for you.

We have made your task easy and have listed some of the amazing examples of the best about page description and design along with focusing on what is the thing that is making them unique. Let’s see:

1. Mirasee

The well-organized, arranged and descriptive about page of Mirasee has been the most liked one by many people. They serve exactly what the users are expecting. Starting with what they are all about following with the clients that they serve is the best style to explain why the readers must choose them.

They understand how important the relationship of the team is with the users and they make sure to nail on this aspect by including the names, pictures, and position of their teammates. Nice move!

Link: mirasee.com/about-us

2. Moz

If you want to make an about page visually attractive the page you must look as an inspiration has to be of Moz. They have presented all of their essential information starting from their starting and defining their achievements along with the month is a unique style that helps them stand out in the crowd.

Link: moz.com/about

3. Neil Patel

Presenting your content in a high definition video format rather than giving it a descriptive writing format is anytime a good idea for keeping the users engaged in their work. A minute of video is equal to millions of words. Neil Patel has successfully utilized this idea and has come up with the best engaging video about the about section of the blog.

Link: neilpatel.com/about

4. Blog Tyrant

This blogging site has nailed the target to attract two types of the audience at the same time by making their about page descriptive with words as well as using the picture to give a visual treat to the viewers. The uniqueness of this blogging content is that along with talking about themselves they do involve their users in the description.

Link: blogtyrant.com/about

5. Social Triggers

It is always a great idea to let the experts talk about your work. This is what social trigger has done to be on the list of having the most amazing about description. What makes it unique is the fact that it assures the users that they have landed on the correct page. A well-designed page along with easy navigation buttons has added to the charm of the page.

Link: socialtriggers.com/about

6. Pat Flynn

Don’t we all love the time when we use to listen to a story in our childhood and how much we still miss that time? The about section of the Pat Flynn hits exactly on that part. The about section of Pat Flynn describes the working and achievement in the storytelling form.

Link: patflynn.com/about

7. Stuart Walker

Wouldn’t it be great if you have all the bloggers telling you what the present blogging page is serving you with and why you should stick to it? Stuart Walker makes the most of this technique and gives his page an amazing shine with the entire expert talking all good things about the page.

Link: nichehacks.com/about-me

8. Xo Sarah

Reaching your readers with a straightforward approach can never go out of fashion. Your users love when you are talking to them straight without any hidden secrets. Xo Sarah is doing the same thing with their about page. The page is hitting the audience straight with a simple, concise and straightforward approach. It also shines with the unique images that the page is loaded.

Link: nichehacks.com/about-me

9. Backlinko

This page makes it to by keeping it on the users if they wish to stay or not. The page doesn’t consider the need of posting any long posts or articles on their page but openly describe them as an SEO page and letting the readers decide if they want to stay or not. Any user who relates to the page stays while the others leave. Simple and short story.

Link: backlinko.com/about-backlinko

10. Melyssa Griffin

Simplicity speaks for itself. A simple yet informative page is a deadly combination that is sufficient enough to catch user’s attention. This page is simple and informative in its own kind with an amazing use of colorful images. This is what the users love about the page.

Link: melyssagriffin.com/about

11. Tim Ferriss

Nothing can come over the page that does the work of inspiring people to do amazing work. People love being inspired and like being associated with pages that do the same. Tim Ferriss has been doing the same and being an excellent inspiration to others to do the same good work. And this is some great stuff to do with the about section of the page and making the users love your page.

Link: tim.blog/about

We hope you all must have got some amazing ideas to make your about page better and appealing than the others. Let us know which of the style you will be trying for your page’s about page.