It will be a restraint to denote that mobile applications are the future. A vast growth in mobile apps has been observed from the moment the notion was innovated by Apple.

Mobile apps at present are being embraced by businesses globally. Analysis indicates that for making online payments, mobile apps are the desired option overtaking desktops and other devices. 40 to 50% of all the transactions are done by mobile apps and this measured statistic is bound to grow as smartphone users expand.

For example, speaking about the Indian online fashion company Myntra, as of May 15th has ceased its operations on its desktop and mobile website and is now operating via mobile apps alone. Flipkart is also contemplating to operate only via mobile apps from the following year.

Mobile apps future

Expected Future of Mobile Apps

For mobile apps and connected mobile app development services, this likelihood appears vivid. Mobile app development today is regarded as one of the most flourishing employment options in the market.

A part of the researchers is of the opinion that the future will be dominated by mobile apps only and that they are going to succeed desktop websites.  This opinion is true with the fact that social media, news & media, entertainment, and gaming apps have a bright look ahead for the future. However, the former opinion falters/lacks with the fact regarding the uncertainty of the prosperity of the online e-commerce company’s mobile app only ideal. These are based on 3 attributes.

Erratic Net Connection

India is yet to have a dependable internet connection. As a consequence, many of the shoppers purchase products via home or office LAN and wireless networks. With LAN connectivity, customers don’t have to be concerned regarding the transactions being affected by an unexpected slowdown of mobile net speed or by an interruption via phone call.

Larger Means Better

A consumer would wish to have a close look at the product before purchasing it. Websites operating on desktops gives a clear view of the product with less scrolling required. Also, the consumer can view several products in other tabs, make estimates and finally come to a purchasing decision. Such attributes are not found in mobile apps.

Branding & Deals

Because of the fixed/limited screen size of mobile phones, mobile marketing has been a source of disquiet among all companies. There is an increased probability that customers may fail to notice good offers and that they will change to some other e-commerce websites for more desirable offers.

Ultimately Bubbles Are Meant To Be Busted

Given with flowing time, companies have anticipated great desires on particular technologies and gradually encounter the fact that the market acts opposite to what they expect. This characteristic has been noted with various companies involving bursting the technology bubble at the start of this century. Ultimately a saturation point is reached and the old technology will be succeeded by the new one.

As a consequence, the determination to go app only based on the fact that most of the customers do purchase via apps is not a good recommendation. The source of cause why customers purchase mostly from apps may be due to the fact that further discounts and deals are supplied for purchases done by mobile apps.

Looking ahead, in some instances, mobile apps may succeed desktop websites. But it is premature to forecast the app’s future. This will be made transparent for example depending on how consumers will react to the conclusion of Myntra to go app only. Only time will tell whether this was an advantageous or a disadvantageous move.


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