Online marketing is spreading like a fire in the forest. The winds of change in online marketing lead to multi-billion dollar companies. You can quickly figure out “Six out of 10 people” are using the eyeglasses, contact lens throughout the world and some of them are also having a corrective eye surgery.

Mostly in India, you can find out Six out of 10 people are keen to keep eyeglasses to protect their eyes, and in most of the cases, you can find some people wearing glasses to look stylish.

Eye glasses

So the eyeglasses and lens markets in India is increased tremendously. You can see new brands and startups are mainly focusing on the eyeglasses and lens markets because of its significant turnover.

You might have a question about how these online markets changed and how they make use of marketing.

If you have those question hovering over your mind, then you don’t have to worry here I am going to explain everything about that.

Online marketing of eyeglasses and lens:

The online marketing of eyeglasses and the lens is having more potential in India. You can see lots of customers who strive to get good quality products for a lower cost around you. They always endeavor to buy at a reduced price because they want to special deals.

Here is the point where online marketing companies made use of,

They have included deals, discounts, coupons, and cash back to attract the customers towards online store rather than going off-line stores.

I think you all find it difficult to understand so let me divide it into simple steps for you and explain how Lenskart used online marketing.

How brands like Lenskart used online marketing:

Lenskart is one of the largest Indian glass frame retailers. It is an Indian eyewear company which was founded in 2010 itself. But it has increased its presence in 2015 with its unique online marketing approaches.

At the start, Lenskart is started under the valyoo along with the jewels kart, bags kart and watch kart. Later on, in 2015 it had raised its funding around Rs 135 crores in January 2015, and it started concentration on its portal Lenskart.

The company has marketed its product amazingly through several digital marketing such as coupons, cash-backs, deals, special discounts, etc.

If you are browsing on the internet, then I am damn sure that you might have seen the Lenskart ads about the discounts and cash backs through a site like Zoutons.

Lenskart online marketing Innovation and New Ventures:

Lenskart online innovation leads to launch its new “3D Try on” feature on its website. Where in users can try various frames virtually through the net. This tool asks the users to use the front camera and just to move your face to record the details of the features.

3d try-on

This fantastic tool then allows you to display various frames and display them on the results screen.


Lenskart also targeted other users with the discounting process in their online marketing and they are creating a sense of urgency.

Another example of that:

Vencent chase

These are online marketing technique where Lenskart and other brands are using to improve their customer base and along with their sales.

Along with the Lenskart, you can see other startups which are having day by day success. Those starts ups are glassic and gorgeye these are the two startups started their online journey in the past year.

Day by day they are having the growth in their sales, and along with that they are getting friendly and improving CTR since they started.


This is all about the online marketing of eyeglasses and lens in India. This is how lots of online marketers are trying to start up their potential market through online marketing. I hope you all got a clear view of this article. If you have anything to say you can let me know about that in the comments section.


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