Microsoft Outlook comprises of two storage files, i.e. OST and PST files that are used for storing Outlook information like mails, contacts, tasks, etc. However, these files have some differences in between them and majority of Outlook users prefer usage of PST file for their convenience. Below-mentioned are some advantages of PST file over OST file:

  1. User can split or merge the Outlook PST files, but not the OST files.
  2. PST files are portable for different purposes whereas OST files are created by server therefore, not portable.

Hence, there is a need to migrate from OST to PST files without any difficulties that occur during the conversion. One solution for migration of files is by using a third party software named OST Recovery, which export Outlook OST file into Outlook PST file. In this review page, we will study about this tool in brief.

OST Recovery Tool

Introduction – OST Recovery Tool

OST Recovery tool is a user-friendly approach, for migrating OST files into Outlook PST files. It converts all the data like emails, calendars, tasks and contacts maintaining the data integrity after conversion (like Metadata, Cc, Bcc, etc. of the emails will be same). It supports both compressible and high-level encrypted OST files and has no size limitation of OST files for exporting. The basic feature of the software is that it can easily run on the machine where the Outlook application is not installed, i.e. MS Outlook pre-installation is not necessary.

Versions of OST Recovery Software

The OST Recovery software is available in two versions – Free Version and Licensed version. According to users need, user can make usage of any of the edition.

Free Version

The Free/Trial version of OST Recovery is freely available for downloading from the official website. However, there is a constraint in this version that it can only export 25 Items/Folder of OST files into PST.

Licensed Version

It is the purchase/full version of the software that end user have to buy from company’s official website. This version does not consist of any constraints and user can export complete data from OST to PST.

Important Features

OST Recovery is a software, which exports the OST files into PST files of Outlook making them portable and accessible on any Windows machine having Outlook in it. Below-mentioned are the important features of the software:

(a) Preview Selected OST File: The OST file that is to be exported into PST file can be previewed before conversion. Its component like calendars, tasks, notes, etc. can be viewed along with the emails attachments.

Normal views of OST mails

(b) Maintains the Data Integrity: The software ensures that the conversion will not affect the content of the file, maintaining the Meta properties of the mail too.

(c) Option to Split Output PST File: If the size of output PST file is too large, then a user may choose the splitting option for breaking down the file. User can define the size (in GB) and tool will generate the same-sized PST files.

Export options

(d) Migration Without MS Outlook: The Outlook application installation is optional, i.e. for migration Outlook is not mandatory and it is required only to access the converted PST file.

(e) Generate a Report in CSV Format: A report is generated in .csv file format that consists of the details about how many mailboxes have been exported and location of archived files. A User may save this generated CSV file and use them for future reference.

Converted OST


  • Microsoft Outlook installation is optional
  • Perform conversion of specific files or folders.
  • Folder hierarchy is maintained in resultant file.
  • Provides filtering option at the time of conversion.


  • Demo version exports only 25 items/folder
  • Only one OST file can be exported to PST at a time


After going through the pros and cons of the software, we can conclude with the fact that OST Recovery is a migration tool to convert OST files into PST without any trouble. Through such software, a user can easily and quickly perform their migration procedure.


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