Apple Watch has finally arrived, it is expected to club together all the best features IOT’s has to offer till date. In this article, the best tips and tricks to customize this gadget are being explained.

Apple Watch uses the iOS 8.2 or the latest version to run parallel on your iPhone. In order to pair your this with your iPhone you just need to press the side button and tap on start pairing and open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and bring the watch in front of the phones camera viewfinder. There is also a manual setting to pair this with your iPhone.

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Here are some other cool tips and tricks to be used…

Change the clock face

Open the clock app – force press the screen to bring up the gallery – Tap customize and swipe through the provided option.

Clear all notification

Notifications are available by swiping down the lock screen. In order to clear notification force press the notification tab and tap Clear All.

Enabling Siri in Apple Watch

Siri is one of the most competent voices recog apps Apple has to offer, to enable SIRI in your Apple Watch  – Raise Up your wrist to an audible level and say “Hey Siri” or you can do it manually by touching and holding the Digital Crown till the next Siri Screen Pops up.

Reset Apple Watch

A hard reboot is sometimes necessary for gadgets, the way to do this is to hold the Digital Crown and Side Button together for a few seconds, this will turn off and reboot itself.

Force Quit an App

To force Quit an App you need to Press and hold the side button till the power-off the menu is displayed then Release and hold again till the app closes.

Take a screenshot

It’s very easy to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch all you need to do is press and hold the side button and press the digital crown once. Screen Shots will be saved to your gallery.

Turn On Power Reserve Mode

Power Reserve mode helps in increasing battery life when not in use. To put this Watch in Power Reserve mode you need to press and Hold the side button and select power reserve mode in the showdown menu.

Set  time ahead

In order to avoid being late you can set your Apple Watch to run ahead. The way to do this is to Select Time from Settings – press +0 min button and then use the digital crown to set how fast you need to keep the time ahead.

Mute Apple Watch alerts with your Palm

You can enable the mute option on your Apple Watch by keeping your palm on the screen for three seconds. To enable this option to select My Watch app click on Sound and Haptics and enable the cover to mute option.

Measure Heart rate without using the exercise app

In order to measure your heart rate without using the exercise app you need to swipe Up from the watch face and then flick to both right and left sides until you find the heart rate reader screen, you just need to tap the screen to find the heart rate of the moment.

Multitasking on your Apple Watch

You can double tap the crown to run the last used app, double tapping the digital crown can also be used to switch between the two different running apps during the same session.

Controlling Apple TV box

It has the Remote App that can be used to control Apple TV box. The App has an icon of a white triangle inside a blue circle.


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