Women are frequent shopaholic in comparison to men. They genetically love shopping, shopping malls, and online shopping too. Most of the retail window displays are specially decorated to attract women buyers. Most men are used to blaming women for being expensive. Have you ever thought why women are crazy about shopping? A few people believe women can forget eating and sleeping but not shopping.

A Shopaholic woman
A Shopaholic woman

Why are Women Shopaholic?

Our objective is to explore what impels women to do shopping.

1. Jealousy

Most of the men habit to watch a beautiful attractive woman walk by and women too. A woman notices outfit first of another woman, then hairstyle, makeup, handbag, nail paint, footwear etc. She scans another woman from tip to toe. She can’t accept other women can look beautiful than her. This brings an obsession to have new outfits, latest watch, clutch, makeup accessories and rest other things. She resists herself to expensive much, but can’t able to stop shopping. This one is the major factor for a women’s shopper propensities!

2. To Impress Men

We all do love compliments and especially women. An adorable compliment catalyzes the women’s self-confidence. Mostly in the workplace, all women want to be the center of attention. She wants to impress men in her surroundings and want to make other women jealous. Every day she wants to dress different and bring a new avatar. This way she wants to keep updated herself in her apparels.

3. Pleasance

It won’t be wrong if I say, women eyes crawl new updates like the search engines. She keeps looking for trendy and fashionable accessories in the market. Even she isn’t in the mode of shopping but can’t ignore spending time for window shopping. This way she looks for the latest fashion and gets a feeling of self-satisfaction. It doesn’t count whether she purchases or not but make her wish list.

4. Confused

Women’s are never satisfied with their last purchase. Somehow she’s used to finding flaws in her apparels and accessories. Entire closet is full of variety but she tells everything is outdated. She keeps dreaming to be dressed to the nines. That makes her a shopaholic.

5. To Spend Time

Not necessary about women, if you also want to spend free time, shopping is the best way. To do this thing she never needs a companion. This way she can spend a boring weekend and have time for herself.

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6. Sale

In her dictionary, she’s word like discount and offers on the first page. Hoardings like 50% markdown, buy one get one free, clearance sale etc. make her crazy about shopping. To grab such deals she will buy without any reason. She feels like this the last opportunity to get something best for her at the lowest price.

7. Online Shopping Opportunities

Technology is making shopping simple. Now anyone can buy almost anything using their smartphone and/or personal computer. Online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Zivame, Shopclues, Chumak etc. kindling her to shop easily. Now she can buy latest and fashionable things from her home. Clever companies are offering the option to see, select and pay at your doorstep. Most women don’t like online shopping but they do online research for the latest fashion and accessories. If something comes on her mind, no one can hold her hands.


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