With technology advancing at speeds we can’t keep up with, it is important for us to find tips and tricks to keep up with the fast-paced world. Especially as a small business owner, it is hard to manage all of the different duties to operate, maintain, and promote your business. Small business owner allows me to introduce you to your new best friend IFTTT. It was launched in 2011 and is widely used by a massive market, with over 15 million IFTTT recipes used each day. Whether you are a business owner or a young teen looking to find the best music, IFTTT has ‘recipes’ that will increase the productivity of your life.

ifttt for small business owner

How do IFTTT Recipes work?

The online application IFTTT (If this, then that) allows the user to create different recipes which include a trigger point, (this part of the equation) and follow up with an action (that part of the equation).

For example: IF I post a photo on Instagram, THEN save it to my dropbox account. Or IF it is due to rain tomorrow, THEN send me a text message in the morning to pack a rain jacket.

These recipes can be used for simple or complex tasks, depending on how you want to optimize the application.

Here are some ‘recipe’ ideas for you to integrate into your business:


ifttt gmail to drive

For operating purposes, you should connect ‘email’ and ‘spreadsheets’ to your IFTTT recipes. You can easily file emails depending on if they are marked as ‘receipt’ or ‘order’ straight into a Google Spreadsheet.

ifttt email to spreadsheet

Log how much time you spend at home/work/etc. Connect these two recipes together to track your location. You can encourage your employees to use this to better track their hours and to better manage their lives. As a business owner, you can track how balanced you are staying in your life, and make sure you’re not spending too much time at the office.

ifttt gmail to ios reminder list

If you star an email in Gmail, create a reminder to take care of it. This is a great way to manage emails on a matter of importance. Stay reminded as to what needs to be done and keep up on crucial tasks.

ifttt gmail to calender

Stay on top of monthly bills. Set a reminder when you get an email from your internet or satellite tv provider to pay your bill within 5 days. As a business owner, it’s easy to get distracted and look past important emails, such as a bill. This recipe will ensure that you will never be late for a bill.

Marketing: Optimize through Social Media

ifttt rain forcast to twitter

Simple Recipe yet can change the game of your business. Let’s say you own an ice cream shop. Set up a recipe to automatically send out a tweet about an ‘icecream special’ as soon as it hits 100 degrees.

ifttt instagram to drive

What if you want to keep track of who is liking your posts? Add this recipe and you can easily sort through your biggest fans and followers of your business through a spreadsheet, and later reward those followers by sending a ‘thank you email’ or shout out. Keeping track of customers can be time consuming and overwhelming, so optimizing these recipes can be a life-saver for the business owner.

Check out IFTTT recipes here. Above are just five options for you and your business, but the options are infinite. Try to get creative and explore your possibilities!


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