Abstract: College students face different challenges during the settlement period. Without parents around, a student cannot expect problems to go away.

Content: Following are common issues that every student faces sooner and later during his or her stay at the college. One needs to understand that his or her parents are no longer around to manage affairs. The timely development of a willingness to live independently gives student energy to take charge of his or her life at once.

Different challenges in college life
Different challenges in college life

Different Challenges Faced in College

Challenges with Roommates

  • You have to confront challenges due to your roommate eventually so it is best to develop a formidable strategy to deal with problems involving your buddy.
  • You should have the courage to strike a frank discussion in order to establish rules that will administrate your relation with your roommate.
  • Firstly, each other’s clothing and personal items cannot be used without asking.
  • Secondly, you both have to maintain a proper sleeping cycle and any disturbances will not be tolerated.
  • No loud music would be tolerable and it is everybody’s personal responsibility to acquire headphones to listen to music quietly.
  • Roommates live like a couple and therefore, developing understanding would be essential to living peacefully in the hostel.
  • It is a bad idea to involve management due to minute problems. You would be reassigned to a new room where you would not be welcomed due to your history as a “sensitive child”.

Time Management

  • You become too much indulged into wayward activities and they cause you to lose educational focus.
  • The first priority should be given to studies and again you will have to turn down invitations to late parties.
  • You should keep reminding yourself that you are in the college to study and parties are just secondary experiences that you will have when time permits.
  • Ability to say no would prevent you from negative social influences that could cause you to smoke and force you to develop into an alcoholic.
  • Remaining sober and clean is much more valuable in college than even your studies.
  • Learn to be a firm naysayer so that you cannot experience the dark side of the college.
  • Teachers and parents would not help you out in college because they may consider you a grownup and you shall be considered as a person who could make his or her decision without any assistance.

Money Problems

  • Spend smartly in college because sooner or later you are going to face money problems.
  • You will not have anyone to turn to when the financial crisis will hit you.
  • Suddenly, the whole world will collapse and soon you will start to grasp at straws to make through a tough day at college.
  • You may have to forego eating to be able to purchase books.
  • Every penny in the college is a piece of gold.
  • Do not waste money on lavish needs.
  • Focus on essentials and do not let anyone talk you into overspending because your friends would be the first ones to flee when fiscal problems would hit.


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