Can Truelancer Help You to Earn Extra Cash from Home?

Now it is the age of the globalization. You don’t even have to leave your home to work with the people worldwide. It becomes possible to sell your skills for earning your remuneration. Everyone can do freelancing.

The amazing feature is that it is not limited to education, age, geographical location, and other factors. You can start freelancing with any kind of skills and it is possible to improve in time. It is a good alternative for starting life through business. If you want to avoid the risks but want to perform something on your own, freelancing is the best way for this.

Importance of Freelancing

You may be a designer and want to trade your skill worldwide. It is a big chance for you. A mobile developer may desire to work on his/her project. It is possible to freelance everything in this way. A person may have writing skills and he/she may be free on the weekend. It is the high time to come on such a platform which will provide him/her with an opportunity to make extra income.

Freelancing Platforms for Earning Money

Several platforms such as Upwork, Truelancer, and Freelancer are available. It is recommended to gather the information about them since there are fewer competitions. In this circumstance, it becomes easier to get observed while pitching self.

Moreover, this, while starting with a zero rating, it is not needed to take seriously. While working on a saturated surrounding and after beginning, it becomes difficult to stand. Only the individuals with established rating can get projects and are trusted too.

Truelancer review

Useful Guidelines to be a Good Freelancer on

It is important to make an account on Truelancer. The sign-up method can be performed on your own. Let us discuss the profile page and how to enhance the profile since it is a very crucial thing to have projects on any website of freelancing.

1. Introduction about Self

This is a crucial thing while making a profile. It is important to promote yourself in the best possible way. Webmasters recommend not using generic terms as I love to code, I am passionate etc. The section for introduction about self should like a resume. Let us know about some components to include in this space.

It is important to state the area of expertise and the type of assignments that have been done. Total years of experience should be provided. It is necessary to mention the companies you have worked with and you have helped them for growing. Experts suggest mentioning any publications or articles that are made for other blogs or sites.

Working with top brands is an added advantage. In this case, it is important to use a phrase like “Worked with the name of the company”. If you have worked in some big cities, it is important to state that you have also worked over there.

2. What if You Do not have Any Kind of Official Document?

If you do not have any official document or work experience, it is suggested to continue the building stage. In this stage, you need to make your portfolio regarding the assignments, work with a friend, new experiments etc. You may write articles of your choice and publish them on blogger. Make sure that you have designed your portfolio in such a way that it can grab the attention of other people. This is the clue to your success.

3. Bidding Procedure for the Projects

Each and every freelancing website includes a bidding process. A list of several projects appears for the freelancers. It is possible to bid on such projects where they have the required skill. You may send proposals through this.

If you require a project, it is important to show your commitment and expertise. You are also required to show your handling capacity and professionalism. Let us know some guidelines while bidding project:

4. Go Through the Description Carefully

Most freelancers visit the summary of the project and directly bid. Usually, a code is kept in the descriptions by lots of clients to remove the freelancers who have not read the description carefully. It is important to understand the needs of the clients.

5. Customization of Each Proposal

It is recommended to customize the texts according to the needs of the project. You may take some time for making a reply which focuses on several things:

  • The project is understood by you
  • You have work experience in similar type of projects
  • Why do you think that you are the perfect person
  • What can you offer the client

The finest thing regarding the proposal form in Truelancer is the Add relative files”. This option will help you go to the subsequent level by adding the file. It is recommended to use 10 to 15 minutes on every bid and show the precise and perfect solutions to the clients.