With the advent of new Smartphone the visually impaired have gained independence. They will no longer face impediments when they lead a life without vision. Developers are adopting a comprehensive approach to help and assist the disabled population. Catering to their special needs has become important. Specially tailored apps are turning the lives of the blind around. Customized apps are creating a platform where regular Smartphone can be transformed into special devices for the visually impaired. Smartphone apps are being developed with voice recognition software, customized controls and haptic capability. With the help of features like bus tracker navigation and mobility has become easier for the visually challenged.

Smartphone visually impaired

How Smartphone Helps A Visually Impaired

1. An essential device

The utilities of a Smartphone cannot be understated. It has become a must-have for all blind users. Mobile communication services have become invaluable for the visually impaired. For persons with visual impairment paying bills, ticketing on mobile device and shopping has become much easier. The GPS navigation helps them to move around more confidently. Chances of getting lost in a new place are minimized. With the help of a Smartphone an individual can find out about locations he is in. Smartphone help the special section of the society with text to speech support, color contrast and screen magnification.

2. Recent breakthroughs

With recent developments the tech savvy visually impaired will no longer hesitate in buying the touch-screen devices. A touchscreen device without buttons seems inaccessible to the blind users. But with new innovations it is a different scenario. They no longer have to think twice about the accessibility which is offered by the Smartphone. With voice recognition and Braille enabled keyboards the phones can be easily used by the blind. The cameras in the phones can be effectively used to read texts. In this manner the new Smartphone are opening new avenues for the blind.

3. Facing challenges is easy

Newly introduced Smartphone are making it easy for the visually impaired to face challenges. In assistive mode the users can take professional photographs. Studies show that a growing number of blind users across the globe are making use of these Smartphone to capture sunsets and vintage objects. The products and features are becoming more accessible to the huge blind population. Technologies like Voiceover are allowing blind users to interact with the devices with the help of gestures. They can read the name’s on the phone’s surface easily with this technology. As a finger is wiped over the phone the device will read out the names aloud.

4. Useful apps

With the help of reading apps users can read newspapers easily. Some Smartphone support more than 30 Braille Bluetooth keyboards. Google is taking steps to incorporate assistive technology in their Android operating systems. TalkBack is a Google made application which offers spoken, vibration and audible feedback to a Smartphone. If you are thinking about gifts for visually impaired these Smartphone will be the perfect choice. It can make their lives easy and navigating through daily tasks in easier. A Smartphone will be one of the most useful and constructive gifts which you can make to your visually impaired friend.

5. Use of Assistive technology

In 2009 Apple introduced the first Smartphone which catered to the needs of the blind population. After that new version of Smartphone have helped the blind to identify colors, cross streets, catch buses on time locate bus stops and listen to audio books. Reading bills has become easier with the camera of the Smartphone. Cameras in new Smartphone can read the text which is positioned below it. Paying bills in restaurants has become easy. In these various ways Smartphone have made the lives of the blind easy. As technology develops in leaps and bounds greater attention is being paid to the needs of the challenged.


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