How Can You Add Humour to Your Content?

Add humour to a content

It just takes few minutes for people to decide if they would like to continue reading your blog or is it just going to make them boring. Yes, you heard it right after investing so much time and efforts in writing the content for your blog its fate is decided within few minutes.

It doesn’t matter anyhow if you have done the thesis on the topic or has researched the whole Wikipedia to write the content if your audience doesn’t like it all this is of no use. The main objective of putting in so many efforts is to sustain the users and keep them engaged, right?

It will be very difficult to keep your reader’s interest in your content if you always give them the same boring topics and the same boring monotonous for presentation. So how do you think you can do this? What could be the tested way that gives you the desired result? Well, definitely by breaking the line of the boring ways. You need to be realistic yet funny and humoristic to have happy readers.

Add Humour to your Content

We will be helping you with the ways by which you can keep your readers interested in your blog by making them wanting more of your work. Find the useful tips to add humour in your articles.

1. Be Sarcastic

Nothing can beat this trick. If you can make your audience laugh chances are you will have them forever with you. Use plenty of sarcasm in your writing, definitely avoiding joking about the serious stuff. Be funny in your writing style, your approach and your selection of words and there you are with the most happening writing work.

2. Introduce Well

What actually decides if the readers would go ahead reading your content solely depends on how you have presented its introduction. A well-designed introduction can do wonders for your work by winning people’s heart whereas a weak one can make you out of the competition. Thus, make a strong introduction for your blog.

3. Use Metaphors

Use metaphors to relate to your audience. Compare their situations with some slangs or real life situation so that they feel connected to the blog and thus will be more engaged.

4. Make your Own Fun

Instead of mentioning anyone else volunteer yourself as the target when you are presenting any funny story, situation or incident to your audience. This will help you to get instantly connected with your users.

5. Include Images

Images are a great source to leave a long lasting impression on people’s mind as it stays somewhere in their mind and as soon as they see it somewhere they will get a thought of you. You can make your writing more impactful and add humour by using funny images and memes in it.

6. Clichés

You can use them if you want to spice up your content. It is all the game of using the words of your content in such a manner that it appears funny yet doesn’t hurt anyone’s emotions. Do keep one thing in mind don’t completely fill your article with clichés but just use them occasionally.

7. Take Reference

Don’t confuse this thing with copying someone else work but take it as an idea to use that work for your reference. You certainly can take help from the available contents and then can present them in your style by making it more attractive and eye catchy.

8. Pen down the fun

Many times it happens that we have many funny incidents but remember any when we need to write any. Happens to you? You can simply note down the funny things that happen to you or you see or hear so that when you need anything that is relating to your content you are never short of them.

Being humoristic in the right direction and with the right presentation, you will have a huge audience base that will be your consistent readers. Using these tips to add humour and deliver your users with a funny yet informative blog will increase your traffic share on it. Do constant practice for using these tips in your writing without over doing anything.

What are the things that attract you in a blog? What is the first thing that you look on any blog? Drop us a comment to know your views and suggestions.