Affilitizer Chrome Extension Vital Information to Get New Affiliate Programs

Do you know the most difficult part of affiliate marketing? It is finding an affiliate program in your niche. A number of ways are there to find new programs in any niche. One of them is to join a marketplace for the affiliate. It is tough to browse the affiliate marketplaces constantly while finding new programs which are relevant to your niche.

Affilitizer Chrome Extension

Affilitizer is known as a new program in the industry of affiliate marketing. It helps you get the latest affiliate programs. So it is recommended to look the Affilitizer icon while searching for something in Google. You will not get a dedicated landing page with every network provides. In this circumstance, the user will be redirected to the homepage of the affiliate network.

Proper Affiliate Program

Lots of marketplaces such as commission junction, ShareASale, Affiliate Window and others are there where it is possible to look for the best affiliate programs for the blogs of the users. Still, it may be difficult for you to choose a specific program out of the best results. Like search engines, you may get confused while manually searching for a program that matches with your niche. You may not be able to get the proper program from a list of results from a search engine. There is no need to get worried since there is an effective and easy way to get the proper program for the users’ blogs that match their niche.

Bloggers can find it easier to choose the finest product for the affiliate program. There is good news for bloggers and website owners. You will get information from Google about the available programs that match your niche in the blog. Almost every blogger and website owner has gone through this problem so they search for an appropriate program for their blog. There is a new program which is known as Affilitizer which has made this possible. It helps everyone who wants to get the best program that is compatible with their niche of the blog.

Affilitizer Chrome Extension

This is known as an Affilitizer chrome extension. It makes the tough method to find affiliate products easier for internet marketers or bloggers. While searching for a product of a certain brand, it is possible to get numerous links on several eCommerce websites. Most of the eCommerce websites include an affiliate program that pays a commission when anybody purchases any product through you. Affilitizer makes the process easier by offering the Affiliate link beside the address bar or search results on Google for most networks.

Installation of the Affilitizer Chrome Extension

Let us know the installation process of the Affilitizer Chrome extension to chrome. It is an extension of the Google Chrome so it requires the Chrome browser installed on the PC. You need to open Google Chrome and go to You should open the extension page in the browser. This page includes necessary support, user reviews, details about the extension. It is suggested to click on the blue button that is written “ADD TO CHROME” for the installation of the extension.

Now it will prompt you to confirm the installation. ADD extension button is there to click and proceed. Once the installation gets completed, you will be redirected to the sign-up page for Affilitizer. Write your email address over the blue button that is written Sign UP. A confirmation mail is sent to you from affilitizer. Click on the link of confirmation in the email to finish the installation method.

Methods to Use the Affilitizer Chrome Extension to get Affiliate Links

After the completion of the affilitizer Chrome extension, it can be used to look for affiliate links for easy promotion. Use Google to find a product or a brand that you want to promote. For example, you may search for the iPhone. It is possible to observe the affilitizer logo next to the links. Here you can sign up for the promotion of the products. By this process, it is possible to get tracking links from eBay, Amazon, Flipkart and others with just a click.

Functions of Affilitizer

Once the Addon is added in the browser. By affilitizer icon, it will be possible to see the best affiliate programs. It will help users to look for a program that is compatible to the niche. After clicking on the icon, the link of the landing page of the program will be shown. By clicking on the link, you will be shifted to the landing page and also join the program. This way, it is possible to find a new program with the help of affilitizer for various blogs of the users.

Affilitizer is involved with lots of associates in the niche of affiliate marketing. In the future, it will get involved with other best programs in the marketplace. Let us share a number of the marketplace which is involved with this. They are ClickBank, MaxBounty, Zanox, Flexoffers, CPALead, AdmitAD, Flexoffers, Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and many others.