ClickFunnels – Things to Know about Marketing Funnel

What do you know about a marketing funnel? Marketing funnels help users move through a procedure. The objective of moving them through the funnel is to make them purchase from you. In the beginning, the users do not know anything about your goods but in the end, they will buy your products. To perform this properly, you require structuring your website appropriately.

Marketing Funnel

To be honest it is a monotonous job and a beginner might encounter confusions to do this properly. A marketing funnel is a process to convert visitors into buyers. Everyone requires a marketing funnel whether it is a business, blog or a product. Once you have made marketing funnel, everything can be automated to change the visitor to a subscriber. It is important to make set up for everything and have the right guidance. Let us share some important information about this:

Things are Required for Making Sales Funnel

It is known as ClickFunnels and it helps you target every feature of the marketing funnel. Both advanced and new users can use this easily. If someone did not make sales funnel for the product online, it is possible to make a professional and high-quality one quickly. You require a few things to make flourishing sales funnel. These are software to make landing page, email marketing service, software to test split, hosting for the landing page, software for making and handling the affiliate programs and membership websites.

clickfunnels marketing funnel

Importance of ClickFunnels

You do not require buying above features with ClickFunnels as everything is there in this service. So it is suggested to use everything straight from ClickFunnels instead of using three or four separate services. Certainly, this will make you excited to find the amazing marketing automation and tool to make sales funnel. It is available with 14 days trial version which is advantageous for the price alert folks.

Definition and Features of ClickFunnels

It is possible to make every step of the marketing funnel with the help of ClickFunnels. It is not like making online a page. The process involves making a set of pages that can move the users according to your desire. It involves all the following features:

  • Templates for each page in the funnel
  • Funnel templates made for exact goals like selling the products or getting the emails
  • Segmentation of email list
  • Auto-responder
  • Templates for every page in the funnel
  • Segmentation of email List
  • It is possible to use a custom domain
  • ClickFunnels can be used for hosting your pages
  • People already subscribed to an email list can avail the facility of digital downloading
  • Webinar funnels
  • It will provide you with analytics in each stage of the funnel
  • A comprehensive page creator will allow you to create both front end and back end
  • Affiliate software for recruiting fresh recruiters to promote your product
  • Marketing automation helps individuals shift in the funnel
  • Easy integration with WordPress with the help of ClickFunnels
  • A/B split checking for obtaining the finest button or page for the products

Several Stages of Marketing Funnel

Let us discuss different stages of marketing funnel for a thorough understanding of the matter:


It is the top level of the marketing funnel. With the help of marketing campaign, discovery and consumer research, potential buyers are brought in this level. Information is gathered and leads are brought to a management system dealing with leads.


Once leads are created they are shifted to interest level. Customers obtain more information about the company such as products and other relevant things. Brands get a chance to make a good relationship with the customer in the database.


Leads are changed into qualified leads are taken as prospective customers. It is possible for the marketers to send more information through offers and products with email campaigns. At the same time, the marketers provide them with case studies, targeted content, free trials and so many.


Prospect must show that they are interested in purchasing a brand’s product. This is a chance for marketers to craft a powerful case for the reason their products are the best for a buyer. This can be accomplished in a survey, or in the shopping cart of an e-commerce website.


In this stage, buyers can make their ultimate decision of buying a brand’s services or products. Sales and marketing work simultaneously to influence the decision-making method and convince the buyer.


This is the final level of the marketing funnel. Here a prospect takes a decision to buy a product and turns to a customer. A good experience of the purchaser may lead to more referral that influences the marketing funnel to start the process again.

Different steps of marketing funnels are there. They include attracting prospects, handling leads, convince those buying products of certain brands and convert them from prospect into the buyer.