Explain Your Blogging Career to Parents, Spouse and In-laws Family

Working with the internet has always been considered risky in our country. No one easily believes if they are told that they can make money online using the internet. Also, society looks at a person earning his/her income over the internet with questionable eyes.

Just like society, even our parents fail to understand what this is all about working with the internet. They often tell us to have a stable and traditional 9am-5pm job. Only God knows what satisfactory feeling they get when they see us working at a physical office.

We are often mistaken for wasting our time when sitting at home and working on the internet. Although we can manage the situation at our own home many of us are married and some are soon to get married. I am talking about my personal experience that it is very difficult to explain to them what working as a blogger is all about.

How to Explain Blogging Career?

Our parents and soon to be parents are never satisfied with whatever answers are given to them. Many times I come across with my fellow bloggers who are also facing the same problem and are looking for the best ways of explaining the world what they are doing.

Explain Your Blogging Career to Parents, Spouse and In-laws Family

Now since marriage is something that is a big decision and it changes our lives forever it is important that our future partner and his/her family should be clear about what we are doing and how we are making money over the internet. Let us find out the best ways by which you can try and tell them about your work i.e. blogging career and what your future holds with it.

1. Don’t go into depths

Never try and explain everything in depth to them. They will never understand how you are writing and on which sites your work is being published. Rather than going into the depths of working just being them a brief that you owe your own working assignments that you have to deliver on any specific date.

2. Entrepreneurship

Everyone seems to get impressed when we mention that we have own business. Use that trick here as well. Tell them that you are running your own business and you are an entrepreneur who works at his/her own timings and convenience. They will be happy to see their future son/daughter in law getting so much liberty at work. And you don’t have to get in details. Thank God for that again.

3. Business Partners

Now it is okay when we present the truth in some other way especially when it is the matter of marriage. This is exactly what you have to do. Suppose if you are working with AdSense, which they definitely not know about, tell them that you are an associate partner and working with Google- a name that the world loves. Now, this is not entirely a lie because you are working for Google be indirectly and you told them about your profession as well.

4. Choose Simple Words to Explain

Don’t throw heavy words on them like blogging, AdSense, WordPress, Google Analytics, etc. rather choose some simple word when telling them about your blogging career. Choose the word that they can relate to and it will be easy for them to understand a bit of concept that we are working with.

5. Make Your Partner Understand

There will be no great feeling if your partner can understand what you are doing and what future you have with that. Try and explain your better half with what you are actually doing and what are the current and future benefits with that along with your long-term plans. Remember not to use typical words unless you have a tech-savvy partner else you will end up confusing them even more.

One cannot define any specific answer which can completely explain what is the best possible way to tell your partner and in-laws about your blogging career. You have to experiment your luck with hit and try with the various ways of telling. Choose the way depending upon your family background and after being sure what can possibly work in your favor.

Tell us about your experience and how you managed to tell and convince your partner and your families about your profession. Feel free to share any positive answer that you feel can help the other bloggers who are having hard times to deal with the situation.