How Ezoic Can Help You to Increase Your AdSense Ad Revenue?

Ezoic is the world’s first and only technology that is based on Google AdSense certified partner.  It is the best technique to increase ad revenue and website. It is basically a website improvement program that is helpful to boost the blog ad revenue to earn more revenue up to 200 percent via Google.  An optimizing blog is not enough to maximize AdSense revenue. Ad formats, optimizing ad slots and placement are very important for maximizing your AdSense revenue.

Ezoic Increase Google AdSense Revenue

Why Using Of Ezoic Is Preferable To Increase Website Revenue?

It consists of following things that are very helpful.

  • Ad position testing- It helps the publishers to recover the lost revenue.
  • CDN server- It is very helpful to improve site loading speed.
  • Website optimization- It helps to enhance the user’s experience.
  • Create and test new layouts- It is helpful to improve page views.
  • Automatic ad optimization and monetization- It can help you to earn more than double on an average.

Why Testing Size And Ads Placement Is Very Important?

There are mainly two reasons for which you should test your ads.

You Can Make More Money

Testing is really a good way to increase the amount of money which you can earn from your blog or website. For this reason, most of the website owners are looking for testing the ads.

It Can Enhance User’s Experience

Sometimes it may be that you are comparing two sets of ads and it will give you the same amount of money per page. Then you have to look for the ad which will give you more user experience because it is equally very important for your blog.

Why Is It Tough To Test the Ads by Yourself?

You all are thinking that testing the ads are very easy. It can be done by a simple A/B test. But most of the users don’t know that there are also some problems. These basic tests do not consider all of the necessary variables. They never maximize your money. So, testing ads are the right way but its use is very difficult.  If you want to get an accurate result then you have to test your ads in the proper way. It will help you to make more money.

Why Should You Not Believe On The Simple A/B Test?

Most probably you have many ads on per page. So if you only use the A/B test for one placement at a time when you cannot get an accurate value.

  • You can see the change for one ad unit only. You have to be very sincere about what is the total amount of money that is earned by the entire visit. It includes all of your ad placements. You have to choose a simple way which can compare all of the ads at the same time on the same page.
  • Usually, all of the readers will click on more pages. So, you must have the ability to compare the money that you have earned on per visit. It is not a simple task. It is very time consuming and complicated work. Maintaining this calculation may be very difficult for you. That is the reason for what Ezoic takes place. You can automatically run all of the tests by using this. It assures that you are making money from your blog as much as possible.

Steps for Setting up Ezoic

You all know that setting an Ezoic is beneficial. But for setting up this you have to consider some steps. In the First step, you have to integrate the site. Most of the user prefers CloudFlare integration. In the next step, you have to set up your ad testing. This process is consists of two different parts. These are s follows-

Cover your present ads

this process is involved with testing your existing ad placements along with the new ones. If your traffic sees the original version then they will continue to see the original ad tags. For this reason wrap of your existing ads is very essential.

Make and add placeholders for the site

The placeholder is a strong ad location. It allows adding many placeholders with the site. It is found that the more placeholders you will add the more options you will get to test. It gives the desired result and makes you sure that you classify them with appropriate position type.

So, don’t hesitate and use the Ezoic for testing your ads. It will help you to make more money from the blog as much as possible. You have to follow some steps for setting up tie Ezoic. By appropriate setting, you can get the desired result as you expected.