Famebit – Make Money from Social Media Channels

If you have an account on social media, you can grab the opportunity for making money over there. Famebit is known as a good platform for making money online with several social media accounts such as Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Twitter, and others. If you have an account on Twitter, with numerous followers, it is possible to use its power for making some money using Famebit. You need only 5000 followers on several social media accounts to earn some cash.

What does Famebit mean?

This is known as a social media account for monetization. It lets people sharing contents via YouTube, Vine, Twitter, and many others and earn money. A social media account is to be made with these websites. The users will be known as the creator and they will be connected with several companies or brands with Famebit. Now, it has more than 50,000 creators with more than 1.5 billion individuals.

Famebit social media make money

Working Procedure of Famebit

It works as a middleman or a way between the users and different companies or brands. Both brands and creators can use this. Several companies or brands can use Famebit since they require creators for promoting their products on the Internet. Creators want to follow their social media account since they can earn some bucks using their social media account. Read the article carefully to know the viewpoint of the creators for making money with social accounts using the platform.

How to Sign Up?

Let us start a short discussion about the sign up process on social media accounts. Account holders of YouTube need to fill up their Google email for their YouTube account to sign up at Famebit. It permits the platform to access the account on YouTube. It is also possible to sign up on Vine, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You should keep in mind two important things. First one is that you should have more than 5000 subscribers or followers. Another important thing is that you should have an account on every social media channel.

Choosing Appropriate Brand to Promote

Once, you have completed the sign-up process, the next thing you have to do is selecting the proper brand for promotion. A new creator should keep a number of things in his mind. Let us highlight on them:

Compatibility between Sponsor and Your Content

He should select the appropriate sponsor who is suitable for the content. Generally, the creators while selecting a brand do a common mistake. They become lured by the compensation while choosing a brand. The blunder creators make money, is neglecting the compatibility. You should select a specific brand that matches your content and also relates to the audience. If you think that the brand is paying you more and it does not have anything to do with content, you will be incorrect.

Quality Product and Service

It is recommended to promote a genuine and quality brand or product. Avoid promoting such products that you have not tried. Influence marketing is known as more genuine compared to other types of marketing. It is suggested, to be honest with the audience.

Several Products and Sponsors

It is advised to promote more than one product. A creator can ask for other available goods of a brand. Creators can create a solid proposal for the campaign. Once you have completed the selection of brand, it is time to begin working on the proposal for the campaign.  Making a proposal for the campaign is the crucial thing for earning bucks. It is important to make a proposal effectively. Read the following information carefully while making a proposal.

Unique and Authentic Proposal

It is not suggested to follow other creators. You can make an amazing proposal with the help of exclusive and authentic content. If the brands come to know that you are making plagiarized and cheap content, they will discard your offer. A proposal should show that the selected brand and content are required for each other. Content on social channels should match the brand.

Follow the Thoughts of the Sponsor

Design the proposal in such a way that it can reveal that you can follow the thoughts of the brand. By using graphics and images, it is possible to make a good impression on the selected brands. Let the brand be assured that you are available always. Usually, brands make a hurry when it comes to promoting their new products.

So a creator should make the content anytime for the promotion of their product. Another criterion is the proper pricing. It is recommended to quote competitive pricing since it is loved by the brands. So above features, you need to keep in mind while making a good proposal that can be accepted quickly.

Hopefully, the above instructions will help you while making your social accounts, and make them connected with Famebit. This procedure will help you earn lots of money with just 5000 followers.