How to Get More Views on Your Medium Blog Post?

Medium is a rising but not so commonly known site that many people use to post their blog. If you are passionate about writing and want to focus on enhancing your talent of writing by targeting a niche area then Medium can be the perfect site for you.

Medium has been winning hearts of many people with its simple approach and easy user-interface. While there are many sites that are focusing on adding new features on their site every single day hoping to attract users from them, Medium has kept itself focused on just two options of either reading or writing.

Getting more views on your Medium blog

You simply can select your niche and then can start writing about it. The quality of content posted on Medium has been the most important factor that has made the site so popular. There you can find a wide variety of quality content on different topics that target to enrich the users with information and specifications. The other attraction of the site is its original content. You can only expect users to post original content on the site.

Medium is not like any other ordinary site where anyone can go and read through. Though it is open for all but the type of content it portrays is definitely not meant for everyone. You have to be patient enough to read through the content which will give you in-depth knowledge about the targeted topic. The people who enjoy reading and expressing their thoughts with writing will find Medium very interesting.

Other than the simplicity and the display of original content, Medium is also a good option to get a number of views on your blogs. Since Medium blog is meant only for people who enjoy writing you can expect some genuine likes of your work. Other than the basic idea of writing there are some ways which can help you get many numbers of likes on your content.

Let us find out those ways:

1. Attract with an amazing title

There are no assumptions that most of the users continue with the article if they find the title unique. Most of the readers judge and get an idea of the article by its topic. If the topic is not innovative enough then you will never be able to attract readers to it.

Work on how to make your title talk for itself. Make it so unique and attractive that it held the attention of the readers. Take enough time for thinking a different title and also for thinking how will you present it to the users.

2. The way of writing

After achieving success in getting a unique and different title, the next important stage is the presentation of the content. Give it a thought on how you will be writing the content? What will be the way of writing?

According to experts, an excellent way to attract the readers towards your work is by letting them relate to it by using a personal style of writing. Use your personal experiences or any personal story to connect with the readers.

Blog writing

3. Choose the content wisely

Since Medium blog is the site where you can expect quality and original writing you must choose your content wisely. The content should be original with a personal touch in it. It must not be copied or repetitive as it can make the users divert from the blog. Also, check for the relevance of the content. It should be relevant to the topic and should match with the title else users may never return back to your work assuming it to be irrelevant.

4. Consistent

Everyone praises a consistent player. It is easy for the readers to trust the work of the writer who has been consistent with its writing. Take a lot of time to deliver the type of content that you always have as readers have some expectations from you and if your content appears to be different every time, the readers can never trust on your content.

Blog analytics

5. Medium Analytics

Once you have posted your content on the site keep a sharp eye on the response that it is getting. Find out how many people are liking, sharing or commenting on your Medium blog. Check the engagement ratio and the reactions percentage that it has got. Analyze the depth of your post to know what has worked in your favor and where you need improvement and make the changes in the next post.

These are some of the simple ways that can help you get many views and likes for your medium blog post. Other than these ways you must always look for the reaction of the people and then be ready to make the necessary edits in the blog.

We find these ways best and effective. What are your suggestions about this?