Sign up for Godaddy Affiliate Program & Start Making Money

One of the most popular names in the web-hosting and domain industry is Godaddy. They, in fact, have all the features to attract an affiliate marketer to join their affiliate program. But what exactly is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is basically something that pays the affiliate marketer for sending the customers to their website. This is like that you as an affiliate marketer would get a commission for sending customers to the website that is paying you for it. Most of the affiliate programs do not require any fees and are rather easy to set up. This means that there is absolutely no risk for you involved in the process. Godaddy is one such website whose affiliate program pays a good amount and is absolutely safe.

Godaddy affiliate program

The affiliate program of Godaddy does not offer any fixed amount per referral but provide a commission of up to 40% for each sale based upon the offer and the product. With Godaddy, anyone can easily join their affiliate program and start to earn some good money by just promoting their product on one’s own website. The commission would be received when a person buys a product based on your recommendation.

How to Join the Affiliate Program of Godaddy

The affiliate program of Godaddy can be joined by anyone but the website that you own must meet their terms and conditions. Godaddy earlier had their own affiliate program but soon shut it down and now have routed with CJ and Zanox to control their affiliate program.  The marketplace of CJ or Zanox can be used to sign up for the Godaddy Affiliate Program easily.

All one needs to do is visit the Godaddy Affiliate page and then click on the join now commission junction button so as to join the affiliate program. In case you are already a member on the commission junction all you would need to do is simply log into your account and make a search for Godaddy. After this, you can apply for the Godaddy affiliate program or if you want you can create a new account too. You can also choose to join through Zanox.

The status of your application would be received shortly which would tell you if your application has been rejected or accepted. As soon as your application gets selected, you can begin to promote their products on your website.

How to Find the Affiliate Links for Godaddy

Once you are successful in creating your Godaddy affiliate link, you would need to promote the affiliate links of Godaddy as well as the banners in order to make money out of it. To get the affiliate links you would at first be required to log in to the Godaddy marketplace affiliate account. In there, you would be able to find the banner and tracking links. From there you can copy the banner code and then add it to the sidebar of your website so as to advertise it. The tracking code can also be added to the website post.

How to Make Money with the Godaddy Affiliate Program

Now when you have the affiliate products with yourself, you would need to promote them nicely so as to start making money with it. You would receive a commission if anyone buys a product using that link on your website. Listed below are a few things that you can do so as to make the most out of those links.

Adding the Affiliate Link in a Related Blog Post

One of the ways you can make a bit more money with your affiliate product is by promoting it on your blog. You can add the affiliate link to the blog post that is related to the product.

Writing a Detailed Review Regarding the Product

You can attempt to write a detailed blog that would introduce the readers of your blog to the product and make them understand as to why they should be purchasing the product. You can discuss the benefits of the product and write an honest review as to how you like the product.

Creating Posts That Have Coupon Codes

You can create posts with the coupon codes of the product and update them on a regular basis with newer discounts as well as coupon codes. This would help in boosting sales.

Adding the Affiliate Links to the Landing Pages

You can link the affiliate links directly to your landing page in order to improve the sale. It is because the product landing page is optimized for a higher rate of conversion.

The commission that you receive out of this affiliate program is processed after two months and only when it has been verified. You would receive the payment through Paypal or through a check.