Use Grammarly and Stop Making Mistakes in English

You all must remember the famous dialogue of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, “I can walk English. I can talk English.” Hahaha. Funny, isn’t it? Along with being funny, this dialogue somehow depicts how important the language English has become.

Today, the world considers people who can talk and walk in English as reputed people while the ones still struggling with the language are seen to be less educated. This is the bitter truth, “the more fluent you are in English, the more people will be impressed with you.”

Now, imagine how important it is to speak and write inaccurate English. But we all are humans- born to make mistakes. And with the trending slangs, English has somehow spoken in a wrong manner.

You may take chances to go on a different lane while speaking English but when it comes to writing, you need to be on your toes. And if you are a writer then you need to be 200% careful. A single mistake in spelling or grammar can make people doubt your knowledge and writing skills. I am sure you would not want to risk that. Therefore, we would recommend the tool “Grammarly” to you that can help you to frame your sentences in the correct manner.

Curious to know more about this Grammarly? We will be helping you out to know everything about it. Let us begin with how it can help you in writing articles.

How to write better blogs with Grammarly?

As mentioned, Grammarly is yours much needed help to write blogs incorrect English. Grammarly is full featured spell checker that checks your writing for almost every grammatical errors. Be it any text in any text editor field like Facebook, WordPress, etc. Grammarly is available for help.

As you write blogs you get notifications for any mistakes that you make instantly. Now it’s up to you if you want to correct it as you write or you want to check the entire blog after completing your writing. Grammarly not only just corrects your wrong spellings but corrects you with the phrase of a sentence that you may have put it in a wrong manner with the help of “contextual spell checker”.

Other than these features it also offers you features like “incorrect modifier usage”, “passive voice”, “wordiness” along with many other grammatical concerns. If this was not enough in your opinion, it offers a “vocabulary enhancement” for suggesting new words, in case you have used lots of ifs and buts in your blog.

Excited to try your hands on it? Let us help you know how it works.

How to use Grammarly?

You don’t have to be any Einstein to use it. All you need is the software and your writing sample to check. You have both ready with you. Great, let us start then.

The following are the steps that tell you how you can use Grammarly.

  1. Open your software and log in in it if you are an existing member. If not, then make your account with it.
  2. After you are done with it, you will get the window with all the options available.
  3. Click on the “New” tab from that window.
  4. Once you do that you get an option to either import any of your files that you want to check or to paste the entire content there. Choose the option that you are comfortable with.
  5. As soon as you do that, Grammarly will start checking your document for all the errors. You can also use it for checking your content against plagiarism.
  6. All your mistakes will get highlighted and underlined and you will be shown the corrected way that you should use. You can make the corrections just by clicking on the corrected word.
  7. To end this, you again get two options to save the corrected file. You either can export the file or can do copy and paste again.

Now, most of you must have a question in mind if this software is completely accurate. Well just to let you know that it may show you all the corrections as per what is acceptable but sometimes it is not what we want to say, so, you can easily ignore that suggestion and go ahead with the rest ones.

Final Verdict

Grammarly no doubt is needed by all the people who are trying their hands at writing. It will you write correct sentences which eventually will make a good impression on your readers. It offers you a helping hand to make your writing accurate and correct. Don’t miss with this software considering yourself as a genius in English. Make the most of this and make a lasting impression.

Comment below any problem that you faced while using it or share what has been your experience with Grammarly and how it helped you.