https // gws_rd=ssl What Does This Mean

Have you ever encountered an enigmatic message while perusing Google, which reads thus: https www google com gws_rd ssl? If so, you’re not alone in your confusion. This error has been confounding numerous individuals since 2019, leaving them scrambling to determine its significance and means of resolution. In this informative blog post, we shall elucidate the meaning behind gws_rd=ssl and provide effective remedies for the error in 2023. Furthermore, we shall delve into the implications of this issue and offer actionable solutions for those whose online presence has been affected. Endeavor to read on and gain a better understanding of gws_rd=ssl.

https // gws_rd=ssl What Does This Mean

https // gws_rd=ssl What Does This Mean

If you happen to come across the unsettling error message “https www google com gws_rd ssl” while using Google, it indicates that your browser is attempting to connect to a protected server (HTTPS) which has not been appropriately set up. This may be the consequence of multiple factors, comprising:

  • There appears to be a serious issue with the server’s SSL certificate. It has been deemed invalid and must be addressed immediately.
  • It has come to our attention that the server is not utilizing the appropriate SSL protocol. This is a grave matter that must be addressed without delay.
  • The server’s configuration is experiencing significant errors, and the SSL protocol is incorrectly set up. We must rectify this situation promptly to ensure the website’s continued functionality.

Should you come across this error, it is imperative that you take immediate action to remedy the issue. Its resolution may be as straightforward as updating your browser or modifying the server settings, depending on the root cause.

Why Does URL Gets Converted to ‘…https www google com gws_rd ssl extension?’

When entering a URL into your browser, a complex process ensues in order to establish a secure connection with your desired website. A crucial step in this procedure is a DNS, which stands for Domain Name System. At this stage, your browser transmutes the user-friendly URL into a machine-readable IP address, as computers cannot comprehend ordinary language.

On certain occasions, upon inputting a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) into your browser, the Domain Name System (DNS) inquiry may yield an Internet Protocol (IP) address connected to Google’s servers. In such an event, an extension bearing the label “https www google com gws_rd ssl” will automatically be appended to the URL by your browser.

The browser extension “https www google com gws_rd ssl” mandates SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, for the website connection. This protocol ensures communication security between the browser and server through data encryption during exchange.

Typically, adding the “https www google com gws_rd ssl” extension does not yield any complications, granting users complete access to their intended website easily. Nevertheless, it is imperative to recognize that such an extension occasionally may induce errors and prevent proper tracking of online activities.

Should you encounter an error message while attempting to access a website and observe the presence of the “gws_rd=ssl” extension in the URL, it is recommended that you eliminate it prior to making another connection attempt. Doing so should prove effective in resolving the issue and ultimately permit your successful access to the site.

How Can You Remove https www google com gws_rd ssl On Google?

Should you happen to encounter the troubling https www google com gws_rd ssl error on your Google search results, be advised that it is, in fact, fixable. First and foremost, you must identify the source of the problem. For Chrome users, promptly open the Developer Tools console by pressing F12. Proceed to the Network tab and ensure the Preserve log has been checked. Subsequently, initiate a Google search and scrutinize if any resulting URLs feature the https www google com gws_rd ssl component. If so, your search for the error’s origin has been successfully concluded.

Having identified the source of the error, several measures are at your disposal to rectify the issue. The initial course of action involves the removal of gws_rd=ssl from the URL, which can be achieved by modifying your .htaccess file and incorporating the subsequent line:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^gws_rd=ssl$ [NC] RewriteRule .* – [F]

Issuing this command to your server will result in rewriting all URLs containing https www google com gws_rd ssl to a 404 page, effectively preventing Google from indexing said pages. This action should be taken seriously as it could significantly affect your website’s overall performance and visibility.

The alternate course of action entails redirecting those pages to a distinct URL. This tactic proves advantageous if you intend to maintain them in operation yet no longer desire them to appear in future Google searches. To effectuate this course, kindly include the ensuing lines in your .htaccess file.

What is the meaning of SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate serves as a crucial digital certificate that validates the identity of a website and facilitates secure and encrypted communication. Its primary objective is safeguarding online interactions between a website and its users from malicious activities. Without a valid SSL certificate, a web browser will issue an alert message while trying to access an unsecured website. It is imperative for businesses to prioritize SSL certificate implementation to ensure optimal protection for their digital operations.

What Is The Difference Between SSL And HTTPS?

Some crucial distinctions exist between HTTPS and SSL, and these differences must be taken seriously. HTTPS is widely considered the more up-to-date and secure of the two protocols, while SSL is regarded as being both older and less secure. One of the primary factors to consider is that HTTPS utilizes TLS, or Transport Layer Security, instead of SSL. TLS has proven more reliable than SSL in defending against data breaches and man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, encrypted HTTPS connections leverage stronger algorithms than SSL connections. Finally, HTTPS certificates must pass a more rigorous verification process than SSL certificates. As a result, it’s evident that HTTPS is the preferred protocol for safeguarding web traffic.


To sum up, the parameter https www google com gws_rd SSL instructs Google to use SSL encryption certificates for the links you access, safeguarding your data and ensuring secure browsing on their services. If you encounter obstacles accessing certain websites due to this error, rest assured that there are easy solutions to resolve. Our intention is that this article has shed light on the topic of gws_rd=ssl and equipped you with the knowledge to overcome any issues that may arise.

Some FAQs

What is https www google com gws_rd ssl on Google?

The Google search engine utilizes a crucial parameter known as https www google com gws_rd SSLto evaluate the relevancy of results in its rankings. This parameter is called “Google Web Server with SSL” and is important in determining the accuracy of search outcomes.

How can I fix the https www google com gws_rd ssl error in my account?

Should you come across the gws_rd=ssl error while accessing your account, it indicates that our systems have identified the use of a security protocol that is incompatible with our services. To rectify this issue, kindly upgrade your account and switch to a supported security protocol.

What are the supported security protocols?

Currently, only security protocols TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 are deemed suitable for our purposes.