How to Increase Social Media Traffic on Your Website?

Social platforms have been a tested way to make connections with many people. They have been serving the people with many benefits that have helped them. Social media websites are no longer limited to staying connected to people or just for entertainment but also have grown to impact your business and increase social media traffic to your website.

Various social media websites have their ways, methods, and guidelines that are different from the others. But, of course, all the websites ultimately give you the desired outcome of getting higher traffic on the blog. But, because of the variations in their usage methods, they may take different inputs.

How to increase social media traffic

Tips to Increase Social Media Traffic

Let us quickly see how these different websites can help increase social media traffic.


Pinterest can potentially increase social media traffic to your blog with time. But, it is to inform you that this website still has unlimited potential to get you with several users. All you need to focus on is the type of content that you are promoting on this website. The most common content type that works with this site are:

  • Images
  • Tutorials
  • Infographics
  • Entertaining videos

To promote these contents on the website, you will take the help of advertisements. Once you are done creating the content that should be unique in itself, you can then promote this content by spending a bit on your advertisement capabilities on different mediums and finally judging the result.


How can we miss the name of Facebook when talking about online marketing and driving social media traffic to the content? It is the most loved and most used social media website by people. This site holds enormous potential to get millions of people to your work. It mainly focuses on posting images that are visually delightful for the eyes. The most common content that works on Facebook is:

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Live sessions

These are the most shared content on Facebook that drives many likes on the content. Unfortunately, it is not so trusted to present content in writing form because people generally use Facebook in their free time to relax. Therefore, no one will be interested in opening content to read it.

You can use this website by making images, short videos, or Infographics of the content and then post it with necessary links. Keeping the readers engaged with your posts is the key to being a winner on Facebook.


SlideShare is a website that uses presentations to get you more traffic. The presentation is one of the most effective ways to attract people to the blog. Presenting something in a video catches people’s attention, and they can’t stop visiting your blog.

Since the most crucial role in the presentation, it must be prepared very effectively and taken lightly. To get an attractive presentation, you must take care of the following things:

  • Creating original presentation.
  • Content should not be copied.
  • It should completely talk about the topic.
  • It should not contain unnecessary images or music.
  • Only related images that go with the content should be included.
  • Links to your website and other work should be added.

Using these guidelines for making the presentation, one can increase social media traffic to a blog.

Final words

Now try these websites other than just connecting with the people and getting business from them. Let us know which method you used from which website and how it helped you. Then, share your success story in the comments below.