iTunes Affiliate Program to Make Money Online

Do you want to use a suitable affiliate program to work with? If yes, then you should know that Apple has come with its affiliate program for App Store, iTunes, Mac App Store, and the iBooks. You all know about the Viglink which is considered as one of the smartest ways to monetize all your commercial links. If you are using this to create an affiliate link to the Apple app store then you may directly signup for the Apple iTunes affiliate program and can stop to pay extra money to viglink or any third party affiliate networks. Let us take a review of Apple’s affiliate program and how to monetize your blog.

iTunes affiliate marketing

What Is the iTunes Affiliate Program?

It is a commission based affiliate program. You will be linked to media in one of the Apple’s stores like iOS app store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Mac App store by using an affiliate token in your link that can identify you as the creator.  If someone uses a link that you have made then you will get paid for that. Apples will pay you 7 percent commission. This is paid by the Apple from its share of the transaction. You can earn the following benefits

  • You can earn 7 percent commission from the sale.
  • Apple devices are very valuable to the customers by the media downloaded by them.
  • The media creator can earn an additional sale

This is available for anyone and the signing process is free in that case. Once you apply for getting these advantages then within 5 days it will be activated. If you want to ensure your approval add your working blog link. Remember that you must have a website or blog. Without any website, your application will be rejected.  After approval of your application, you can easily log in to your Apple affiliate dashboard.

How to Sign Up?

The sign-up process is very easy and straightforward.  At first, you have to create a username, password, and details of your contact information regarding your business. Mention how much you are intended to use the iTunes affiliate program.

As mentioned above you must have an active blog or website into the iTunes program. Social media profiles pages will not count. It runs for Apple by performance horizon group. If your PHG application approves within 1 week then you will receive an email in which a link will be provided for logging into the PHG dashboard. Now you can see your affiliate token that is useful to create the affiliate links.     

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After entering into your affiliate dashboard for the first time you have to click on the payment method and add your payment details with your country’s currency. In most of the countries, apple makes payment through direct bank transfer. Now let’s discuss how to monetize your blog.

1. RSS Feed Generator

It can gradually increase your revenue as you can create an RSS link to the apple’s list of top products, books, music and more. Simply place it in the sidebar of your blog and let the money flow in. This is most popular as because it works great on the specific niche sites that need to provide viewers with the latest products and information.

2. Auto Link Maker

This is used for those blogs which are old and have some links to the App Store or other Apple products in the official site. In this case, you have to write a few lines of JavaScript in your blog and it will translate them into the affiliate links. This process is cost saving because you have no need to edit all the links manually. Another advantage of using it is you have no requirement to manually create affiliate links for the future posts. Some of the users use Google tag manager to add the JS snippet in their blog.

3. Widget Builder

It is not so much popular as the others but it can also help you. With this process, you can create a widget for a single app within your blog post. It gives the chances to your readers to read the description and click on the widget for installing the app. This process is very popular among app developers because they can take advantage of Apple’s search API. It will help them to show the apps with their unique affiliate link.

4. Link Maker

This is recommended for those who want to generate an affiliate link for an individual product. You may also use it for creating affiliate links in bulk. Always remember that if your blog is popular then you can use the link maker for making an affiliate link to promote it on your social media page.

This is not a matter that whether you are a newcomer or you are the experienced one. All of you can keep trust on the iTunes affiliate program. If you have found the benefits of using this then refer to your colleagues.