Five Ways to Make Money Online without AdSense

At the time of starting, Google AdSense was the only popular blog monetization way. The main advantage of using it that it is not tough to get the account approval. Some of the users use the self-hosted WordPress blog. They confess that they do not earn enough by using this AdSense. For this reason, they think about other techniques. Though Google AdSense is the best network for every blogger, this is not the only way to make money blogging. So, instead of using the same thing, you can also try some different. If you got banned or can’t get the approval then don’t worry. Let us discuss some techniques by which a blogger can also earn money.

How to Make Money Online without AdSense?

There are many bloggers who are earning very well in the online from their blogs. Some other bloggers just read their articles and never try to follow their techniques of success. That is the main reason for which they can’t make online income. Most of the user says that they made an income $47 after implementing the AdSense on their blog. You may wonder after hearing that some of the users try some other monetization techniques for making money. The only plus point of using this is the recurring income which can give you feelings of security.

1. Use Affiliate Marketing

It is the main source of income. You can find thousands of marketers who use this affiliate marketing and they can recommend thousands of products to you. One person is required to promote the products of entrepreneurs and can make a handsome commission on each sale. When you will get success in affiliate marketing, you will obviously think about PPC marketing or create a huge Email list. But this is not required if you have a blog with decent readers. You have to choose the right products and to promote those in your blog.  It will take your time. Always remember that if anyone tells you that he will make you multi-millionaire within 1 week then don’t trust them because most of the cases they are scammers.  So, don’t buy their products and remember one thing that you have to work hard for getting success in that field.

Affiliate program

2. Sell a Product or Service

If you sell some particular products or services then your blog can generate a handsome amount of money. If you have loyal readers on your blog, then you can offer the product or service to your readers. The products that you want to sell should be related to your blog’s topic. Listed are some examples that you can sell.

  • Membership site
  • eBooks
  • Training service
  • SEO service

3. Advertise Directly, Don’t Use the Third Party

It is an excellent idea to monetize your blog. The best advantage of this process is it does not include any third party. So, the overall process you can handle directly right from where to how the ads will be displayed. But if you are the beginners and just have created the WordPress blog then this will not suitable for you. You must have to generate a decent amount of traffic on your blog to attract the advertisers. Let us discuss some tips for getting direct advertising.

  • Use OIOpublisher Ad Manage plugin to manage your ads. Get this plugin here.
  • Join forums like Digital Point to find advertisers
  • You can create an advertising page with information about audience profile, blog status, advertising options etc

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4. Try Some Other Alternatives

If you are experienced one then you will obviously know that there is no real AdSense alternative. If you compare with the highest CTR rate and recurring income then AdSense is the best network. But you can also use some other ad networks rather than AdSense. By using this you can also earn a decent amount of money. These are, MGID, AdNow, Adversal, and Bidvertiser. So, you may try some experiments to find out what is suitable for you because each thing is not suitable for everyone. They vary from each other.

5. Write Sponsored Post but Don’t Sell the Links

Service providers and the product owners pay the bloggers to write about them. It may be sponsored post or reviews. If you go to the sponsored reviews, then product owners will give you the advice to write a review of their product. A sponsored post is publishing a paid post about a service or a product. Either you or advertiser can write it. You have no worry about any harm if you use these. In fact, you can earn handsome money by using this. Just remember some things before writing the posts. These are

  • Never accept gambling sites
  • Don’t publish articles unrelated to your niche
  • Write detailed posts to attach other advertisers

If AdSense is not working for you then let it go. Try something that is worry free. You can try to use these above and earn a huge amount of money.