Make Real Money with These Android Apps

Someone may pay for the apps in the app store or he/she can buy the apps online. Perhaps you will be astonished to know that you will get paid for using apps. In this case, the apps are used for particular tasks like exercising, watching TV, taking photos or downloading apps.

How to Make Real Money with Apps?

Let us discuss some of the best apps that can help you earn money with an Android phone. You may try them if they are suitable for you to make real money:

What is Known as the SquadRun App?

This involves an interesting app and anyone can use it. It is possible to choose particular tasks from several ones and complete this to make real money. Money earned from this app is called SquadCoins. It is possible to redeem these for the points of payUmoney or directly sent to the paytm Wallet.

The money can be transferred from the Paytm wallet to your bank account. These jobs are known as mission and it is possible to finish it in spare time. By using Facebook, it is possible to make an account and also verify the mobile number to get paid. You will earn a handsome amount of money to join.

Google Opinion Rewards App

It is a wonderful app which is only available for Android. This will provide you with Google play reward points instead of cash. This can be exchanged for Google services like downloading music, Android apps, books, movies etc. from play store.

Google opinion rewards

Once installation and sign-up process are finished, you will get 20 to 30 surveys every week by Google. You require providing your review and opinion about several products. These are given to the companies for insights. The major thing is that you can completely trust this service from Google.

MooCash App – Pays with a Swipe and Tap

You can make real money with the tablet of Android cell phone by using this app. A free screen locker is there for rewarding the users to unlock the mobile screen. You are needed to swipe left for claiming an offer. Coins are earned by the users and can be converted to cash by using Google Reward Card or PayPal.

It is important to download the promoted app. For example, you can easily convert $2 through PayPal with 2000 coins. It is also possible to earn the gift cards of Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes.

ESPN Streak App for the Cash

This app is a kind of lottery. It is available on both iOS and Android. An individual is required to predict the winner of the competition each week. The person with the appropriate prediction can win a big prize. If you think that you can predict the result of a match, it is high time to use your prediction for earning money. You may take part in streak prediction to win lots of money as yearly rewards. So let us check out on Android.

What is Known as the Pact App?

Pact app is available for both iOS and Android. This works if you fix your mission depending on your capacity and acquire them. This way it is possible to earn some money on the Android phone. If you miss the targets, you require paying out to other users who can attain their missions.

Earn Money Apps for Downloading

It includes a cool app that will let you making money on downloading several apps. Generally, it is free but paid in case of higher pay. It provides you with alternatives like attending a survey or seeing a video. As the pay is low, it may be considered by individuals who have lots of leisure time. You need sound internet connectivity to download the ads and apps.

Viggle App to Watch TV or Listen to Music

This app helps you win rewards points by listening to music or watching TV shows. It is important to open this app for both iOS and Android platform. This app can be used to identify any of your preferred TV show or music albums. It is possible to get the reward points instantly. A feature is there called Viggle Live. On this, points can be earned by replying polls or questions during the show. Later these points can be redeemed for gift cards.

Scoopshot App will Pay for Taking Photographs

This app will pay the individual who captures photos at any kind of event. These will be used by media journalists and several types of websites. This is a brilliant idea, so get ready right now. It is recommended to download the Android version of the Scoppshot app.

Above are some easy and major ways to earn some money using an Android phone. You may search on the Internet to get more techniques or tricks for earning money. Millions of Android users are using these tricks to earn bucks online and they are finding more Android apps online.