Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units on a Web Page

You all know that AdSense is the number one highest paying network. But it has some restrictions also. It is very strict on its enforced program policies.  If they notice that a website is in violation of their ToS then they will permanently stop the annoying account. For this reason, the users should maintain the Ad sense’s program guidelines to avoid the AdSense account banned. If you are an experienced blogger then you will probably familiar with various types of ads in 3 formats. These are the Google AdSense content ad unit, Google AdSense link unit and Google AdSense for search. Let us discuss the about maximum allowed AdSense ad units on a web page.

Max allowed AdSense ad units

Maximum Allowed AdSense Ad Units

1. AdSense Content Unit

In the previous day, AdSense had a maximum limit of 3 ad unit. Only the premium AdSense partners were able to use almost 6 ad units per web page. But from 2016 it has clearly stated that every AdSense user can use more than 3 ad units per web page. Google AdSense gives you permission to place an unlimited number of AdSense ads on per page.  Always remember that however you are advertising or promotional materials added to your pages it should not exceed the content at any cost. The quality of your blog is very important. Various sizes of AdSense content unit are available.

Most of the user say that 728*90, 336*280, 160*600 and 300*600 are most effective ad units. The main advantage is that you can use these ads on multiple publisher ids. You can never use these AdSense ad units in the navbar. Not only the content ads but also you can use the unlimited link ad units on a page. But before using you have to sure that it will never exceed the content.

2. AdSense Link Ad Unit

If you want to earn money by using the AdSense link ad unit then you have to blend them with the theme of your blog and placed them above the fold.  The persons who have used this by placing in the Navbar they have told that it is one of the best performing units. You can place unlimited link units but you should concern about that the ads should not exceed the content. AdSense link unit is available in various sizes. They may be horizontal or may be vertical.

3. AdSense for Search

If you have a big website like where various people search to find their answers then AdSense for search is very useful to produce good revenue.  We have only two options by which you can configure the AdSense for search. One is within the blog page and another one is on Google page. Let us discuss how you can create this and can show the search results within your blog.

4. How to Create AdSense Search?

Below are the steps by which you can create an AdSense search to show results within your blog.

  • At first, you have to log into
  • Click on “My Ads’ tab.
  • Then click on search.
  • Now click on “custom search engine”
  • You have to click on “new custom search engine”

After following the above steps you can see how AdSense for search work for you.

How Many AdSense Ads Can You Put On A Page?

You must remember that, at the time of taking the number of ads you have to maintain the short posts on your blog. If you want to post more than 5 ad units then you should place them side by side by using a plugin. You may be trapped by the scammers if you want to post more than 5 ads on your blog.  For this reason, most of the bloggers say that anyone should not use more than 5 ads.  Try to stick within 3 to 4 ads. You have to understand your own limitations as per the layout of your blogs.  Always try to stick on a few ads. It will help you to perform better.

As per the above discussion, Google has some limited restriction and some policies that should be maintained. If your ads do not exceed your content there will be no upper limit on the number of ads on per page.

You can choose any one of the options which are available for placement of ads, But most of the users recommend to use a minimum number of ad units at the bottom or on the sidebar.