How to do Money Transfer to Bangladesh using Payoneer?

Do you want to send or receive payments from Bangladesh? When it comes to receiving advertising and affiliate income from foreign countries, there are limited options available. Most of the people getting tensed if the only payment options are via check. It is not an unknown thing that at the time of receiving the check, many problems may arise like undelivered mail.  So you may use PayPal because that is easy for you. If you have no PayPal account and want to send money to Bangladesh online, then Payoneer is the best option for you. It is a widely popular service. Now let’s see how you can receive your payment from India to Bangladesh via Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

When you want to sign up for a Payoneer account it will take you to your bank account. If you need a local bank account then Payoneer will give you a local account in Europe, USA, United Kingdom, and Japan. When you want to receive your payment from anyone you have to share your bank account details which are given by Payoneer with that person.  Let’s discuss it in details.

How to Sign Up In Payoneer?

When you try to sign up you have to sure that you enter the same address that you gave on the Airbnb payment page. After completing the sign-up Payoneer will approve your details by email. Once you are approved you will receive a card by email. You need to activate that card for making payments.

Send money online to Bangladesh

How to Send Money to Bangladesh from India?

The client can make their payment without using the Payoneer account.  They can easily do it by using their credit card or debit card. Suppose you are an Indian and outsource work from Bangladesh. So you need to pay the freelancer.  For this reason, you have to ask them to follow some important steps.

Money Transfer to Bangladesh using Payoneer

At first, you have to log into your Payoneer account.  After logging in, click on the request on payment option in the left menu. This will take you to the payment request page. Now you can see that this page is divided into two sections. One is payment details and other is payee details. You have to provide the payment information. Select your currency and fill your required amount. Remember that the minimum amount that you have to transfer is $20 and the maximum amount that you can transfer is $2,000. Euro payment and US dollar both facilities are available in that case. Mention the reason for which you are receiving this payment.

Now go to the payer details section. In this part, you have to provide the necessary information about the payee. Click on the new payee link. This will take to a new tab that is “request payment form”.  Now you will see two options such as individual and company.  Now you have to provide the contact name, company website, and name, address etc.  See all these options carefully and choose the one that is suitable for you. In this way, you can simply send a request to your payee.

Send the Payment Request

If you can see that your preview and send button is active then make sure that you have completed all the necessary things successfully. If everything is all right then close the preview option.  Now you are eligible to send the money request. Click on the send button. After a few minutes, you can see the confirmation page and an ID number in which you can ask any inquiry if you have. Payoneer will send an email immediately to the receiver and the payee.  

Payment Method

You can easily send money to Bangladesh by using any of the payment options such as credit card, debit card or any bank account. In the case of any urgency, you can use the debit card or credit card for giving your payment to the desired destination. It will take only 15 minutes. If the amount is low then use the bank account for sending money to 5900 location around the country.

Safe and Secure Transfer

Once you click on the submit button. The transaction will be verified by the Payoneer and the amount will be received by the receiver within half an hour.  You will get an email confirmation by which you can make sure that the transaction has completed successfully. You can see the payment to “”.

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Steps to Send Money Online to Bangladesh

Following steps are required for making payment.

  • Create a free account on Payoneer.
  • Login to Payoneer dashboard and click on payment service
  • You will see the payment service information on the next page
  • Now you have to fill up some criterion on the payment page
  • Now you can receive or send the payment to your desired location safely.

Do you want to grab this opportunity? Then use the Payoneer service and get your payments easily.