When Should Advertisement Put On A New Blog For Making Money?

Everyone starts a blog with the aim of earning money. That can be achieved by advertisement. But before adding an advertisement to your blog you have to know when and how you should try this. It is a big factor that can maintain the growth of your blog. You may use different forms for advertising your blog. PPC, Intext, Private ads, CPM, affiliate marketing are some popular forms of advertising. Let us take a brief discussion of these various forms.

When to Add Advertisement on a blog

Right Time to Put Advertisement On The Blog

This one of the most asked questions. There is no exact answer to this particular question. If you ask the bloggers then the different blogger will give you different answers. Basically when you can see that you have a large number of readers that is around 3000 per day then adding a minimum number of add on your blog may be beneficial to you. If you do this in a strategic way then you can get the desired result and you can make more money. But the main question is how and why? Let us explain this in brief.

To know the answers you have to know why people give the ads on the blog. Actually, the main reason is advertisers want to show off their products to the customers. The publishers will be paid from the advertisers when they can send a minimum number of customers to him.  Suppose you have a blog which is one month old then it is not suitable for giving any advertisement on this blog.  Now let’s see how different ad placement methods can help you to attract more than 200 viewers per day.

1. PPC

Let us take the best PPC that is Adsense. It will pay you when anyone clicks on your ads. You can earn a minimum amount of €0.01. Most of the people can earn between €0.05 to €0.20. It can help you to earn more sometimes.  But this is the rare case. Suppose you can get a payment of €0.15 per click and you have more than 100 visitors per day. Then think how much you can earn per day. When you start a blog then you must have some readers who will read your blog and they will come again and again.

2. In Text Ads

Info link is the best way to protect an already performing site. Most of the people do not prefer to use this on the new blog. It has a greater CTR than PPC. In any blog, you can get up to 10 percent CTR if you use an Info link. So, in one word you can say that you can use it if your blog has already a large traffic base as Intext ads pay less than PPC.  Another main advantage of using this is Textads normally opens the landing page in the same window. In this way, if someone clicks on your ads then you will be paid for that. It may be your reader. Suppose you have 15000 readers and 600 to 1000 went away then it is fair. But if you have 150 readers and 15 of these went away then it is a rare case.

3. Advantage Of Private Ads

The main advantage of using these private ads is that in this case there is no middleman involved who can get the commission. For this reason, you have to discuss with the advertiser directly and you will be paid as per the duration of your add. Now suppose if you have 150 viewers per day then imagine how much your advertiser can spend on your ads.  Basically, it depends on the niche of your blog.

A blog about dresses of the soldier can get more or less 150 viewers with some advertiser per day as the niche of the blog is so small.  But a blog which is written on new technology like IoT can never get any advertiser with 100 viewers as there are more blogs that are written on the same thing may offer a better deal to the advertiser. Always remember that a private advertiser will invest in a blog if he thinks that this blog can give him a huge amount of customers.

So, you should remember that don’t think only about monetization. Concentrate on the quality of your blog and try to grow your content. Always think about the objective of your blog. This is the great starting for your blog and you can make money easily if your aim is high.