Things to Get Outsourced to Increase your Productivity as a Blogger

Remember those superheroes that we used to admire in our childhood and always wished to get all their cool magic powers that they had? And how often we had tried to manage all the stuff by our own? To be honest many times I tried doing that stuff to replicate my favorite superhero but failed very badly.

I am sure you all must have also tried to copy your superhero and tried to be cool as them by trying your hands to do all things by yourself. What an amazing time that was. Wasn’t that? As a matter of fact we all still somewhere wish to live those days again but unfortunately, we can’t.

With time we realized that we are not as cool as the superheroes and cannot do all things by our own. We need the support from many people to accomplish our tasks. As successful bloggers, you also need certain people to be even more successful in what you are doing. Yes, you being a blogger can outsource many things to save your time.

Things to Get Outsourced to Increase Productivity

Tell me honestly haven’t you ever thought that you would have been more productive if you had someone to help you with your tasks? Your thoughts are not wrong. Being a blogger you cannot sit at one particular place doing only a particularly specific type of work. You need to be different in your working style for retaining your readers and for that you need to try your hands with the different thing.

What? Are you thinking about how will you get enough time for that? Simple by outsourcing some of the things that till now you were doing by your own. Let’s explore the things that you can consider to get outsourced for making enough time for you.

1. Scheduling Management Tasks along with Emailing

Having an outsourcing for keeping track of all your emails and to schedule all your management tasks will be a great helping hand for you as it will help you clear all your spam emails, filtering emails, scheduling calendars and taking care of the chats with the people.

2. Storage and Task Organization

Wouldn’t it be great if we had someone who can take care of organizing our upcoming and planned tasks and events? How easy it will be for all of us to be actively available for all our scheduled events. Don’t invest your time in fixing when to be present where rather leave the thing to get outsourced.

3. Email Marketing

It will take an hour in itself to calculate how much time it will exactly take to send emails to different people for marketing purpose. Just think if a task takes so much time just in its planning, how much it will take when you actually do it. You can easily save that much amount of your time by keeping his task for outsourcing.

4. Editing your Audios/ Videos

Outsource this task to save your time from selecting and uploading the desired images and videos to your content manually. You can simply make the use of a basic audio/video editor that will solve a number of issues for you like:

  • Editing video files
  • Removing disturbances
  • Setting and inserting up podcast
  • To add introduction in the audios and videos

5. Creating Content

A blogger has a lot to do and we understand it and that is why we also understand how important it is to have a way out to outsource the creation of different contents for a blogger. By choosing the right outsourcing tool for content creation you can have free hands over the topics like creating the blog post, press release, newsletters, guest and ghost blogs, etc.

6. Marketing

The roots of marketing have strengthened its ground very deep. It is impossible for anyone to stay for long in the industry without having strong and effective marketing strategies. Thus, to make your marketing strategy worth getting the most out of it requires you to invest your maximum time in it that will take much of your time that could have been utilizing in something else. So, to save your hands with the valuable time to make its use in somewhere effective outsourcing it can proof to be a good idea.

Like these tasks, you can outsource a lot of many other tasks that you find eat up a lot of your time. The more time you save, it can be utilized in somewhere more effective. Please share with us your point of views on what other features can be outsourced in order to save the maximum time.