Use Audience Network Ads for Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook instant articles can be set for the WordPress blog. It is possible to earn money from instant articles. This is crucial for any individual who wants to make money from their blog with the help of instant articles. Generally, instant articles do not display any kind of ads. Read the article to know how to enable the network ads of the Facebook audience for instant articles.

Difference between AdSense for Facebook and Audience Network Ads

Ads of audience network and AdSense for Facebook are not the same. CPM and the filling rate are higher compared to other networks of ads. When it comes to displaying the ads on the instant articles pages, they are aimed depending on user interest and demographics.

What does Facebook tell about Audience Network?

Publishers and developers are provided with high quality and engaging ads by the audience network. These are supported by millions of advertisers on Facebook. The coverage of the Facebook campaign is enhanced by the audience network outside it. It offers publishers with an effective way to monetizing their content with targeted and relevant ads in new and native format.

Audience network ads for Instant Articles

Steps for Enabling Audience Network Ads

It is suggested to move to settings and under tools of Facebook instant articles. Check the audience network over there. Here you will find a box afterward you are required to click on “Get Started”. Now a screen will appear. It is suggested to click on the dashboard.

Here the ad placement will be made. By clicking on the placement, a new screen will appear. Now you need to hit on “Create Ad Placement” and provide a meaningful name. It is crucial to provide a meaningful name since it will be helpful for tracking exclusive ad areas in instant articles.

1. Different Kinds of Ads

An individual can obtain the opportunity for choosing from 3 diverse types of ads. These are

  • Interstitial for the app only
  • Banner and
  • Native

In future, options for in-stream video Ad will be included also. Now it is recommended to choose the banner ad format and hit on save. You will be able to visit the ID of the ad placement. By clicking on “Get Code”, you can access the Javascript code to execute the ads. As a plugin of official Facebook instant articles is used, the placement ID is required to begin the process.

It is important to login to your WordPress dashboard for accessing the settings of the instant articles. You are needed to look in the Ads section. Now it is recommended to choose the ad type as Facebook audience network and copy the placement Id of the audience network. Choose the dimensions of the ad and now you are required to click on save. Finally, it is done.

2. How to Get Paid by Facebook Audience Network?

Now it is important to provide the information regarding payment options. Come to the dashboard of Facebook audience network, click on “Payout”. Afterward, a screen will appear. Now it is recommended to hit on “Create a New Company” and fill up an online form.

At present, Facebook makes payment to its publishers in two methods. They are bank transfer and PayPal. An individual may use any of them. Users from India that are using bank transfer method can configure the settings for payment. You may choose PayPal and complete further verification. Some other steps are there. Let us know about them:

3. Add Forms for Tax

Individuals who are working as affiliate marketer are getting payment from an ad network. This might be in a diverse country and accustomed for filling the forms for tax. It is recommended to right click on the form and save it on the desktop. By opening the .pdf form, you can fill it. Now it is important to upload this “Required Tax Document” and hit on “Click”.

It is possible to choose the name of the company from the drop-down list. By clicking on “save changes” you can add the updated forms for tax with the company. An individual can always change his/her information if needed. Your payouts are held by Facebook for 10 days. After this period, your earnings will be paid out. You will get an alternative for disabling ads from several categories. It is also possible to disable domain ads or a specific app.

4. Dashboard for Audience Network Performance

Let us have a look at the performance tab. Several metrics are there in performance dashboard for Audience Network Ads.

  • Filled – Each time a request is fulfilled by the Facebook is called Filled
  • Requests – After putting the audience network ad code, an ad from Facebook is requested by the instant articles. It is called requests
  • Fill rate – It is called the ratio between filled and requests
  • Impressions – An ad is seen by a user is known as an impression

Now it will help you begin instant articles on Facebook for monetizing. You may research on the Internet to get the answer to your queries.