How to Build a Micro Niche Blog for Earning $200/Month from AdSense

In the recent age, the internet gives you a huge opportunity to make money online.  Create your own blog is one of the best ideas among them. Everyone can rely on this because it is safe to use. There is a misunderstanding that you have to work for the whole day and whole night if you are a blogger. But in every case, this is not true. If you want to build your own brand then you have to give a lot of effort and have to work for the whole day and night. But if your aim is simply to earn money then within a short period of time you can do this. Let us talk about the micro-niche blog.

Setup a micro niche blog

Why Should Micro Niche Blog Start?

The micro niche blog is easily ranked in the search engine.  If you create a high-quality website on any particular topic then your chances of high ranking become stronger than any other website. The main advantage of this is that you have no need to work on day and night. Once you make a micro niche blog and post it then you are free. Now you have to wait for the payment into your account.

Choose Niche or Domain

The main important thing is to choose a domain in which you are interested.  At the time of choosing your favorite niche, you have to keep in mind the commercial aspect and popularity of the niche. If you want to earn money from AdSense then you have to select a topic which is popular in the UK and USA. Suppose you choose a topic like Cydia which is an important tool for iOS devices and very popular among iPhone services. Then it will make a high search rate in Google.  In the next step, you have to choose an attractive name for your domain. Most of the bloggers include keywords in the domain name for a micro niche site. You have to confirm that the writing should not look boring. You may add some flavor on this which will make it more attractive.

Research for a Keyword and Planning For Content

This part is essential yet it is a little time-consuming.  It plays a big role in the long run. You should select some topic that is popular for a long time. Try to publish all the related information in your micro-niche blog. For content planning, you should have a clear idea of a few things. These are-

  • Choose some topics that have a great demand for a long time.
  • Design your micro-niche site like Wikipedia.
  • You must concentrate on the Keyword that has a high CPC.

Instead of choosing the high AdSense CPC keywords you can choose some creative content that can attract readers.

How to Set a Micro Niche Blog?

The setting of a micro niche blog is really very easy. Anyone who knows how to create a blog on WordPress can easily set up a micro-niche blog. If anyone doesn’t know how WordPress can set up then they can follow the following steps.

  • Create and submit your sitemap to the Google webmaster tool.
  • You should write about the page. So use this page to explain yourself and your blogs to the readers.
  • The main aim of writing a blog is communicated to others. Using a contact page on your blog can help you to provide a private communication between you and your readers.
  • You have to customize a permalink structure.
  • Classify your articles as an uncategorized article does not mean anything.
  • No blogger should blog without an anti-spam plugin.
  • Install a cache plugin.
  • Track the statistics and take a complete blog backup.
  • Before you start to make money from the micro niche blog you need to set up a blog with an attractive theme.

Now take a brief discussion on micro niche site if you are interested in creating this.

Make an Independent Social Media Page

Social media platforms help in this in different ways.  But the persons who do not want to create a social media page they can skip this process.


This process is not helpful to all as it varies from niche to niche. Competition is too high for a certain niche. In that case, generating high quality of backlinks is the best way to make your blog rank.


For earning money you may use the only AdSense. But adding an affiliate product to the niche can make more earning. You can get some extra income like $100/month by using this technique. If you have the approval of AdSense then you may use It works a lot if you have traffic from Europe or USA.

In this way, the idea of creating niche blogs can help you to earn more from online. For the new bloggers, micro niche blueprint is enough to create money with just a few hours of work.