Pixabay Mobile App – Find Free Images for your Blog

If given a choice between two blogs where one blog contains only useful information and the second one containing useful information along with an attractive picture, which one do you think people will choose? Obviously, the one with an attractive image. This goes without any second thoughts.

Have you ever thought why we are always attracted to the image despite having the same rich quality of data on the other hand? What made us ignore the one without any image? Well, the answer to this is very simple. With the proven fact, the human mind is more attracted to the visual aids. They tend to give more attention to anything that they can relate to an image. This clearly depicts how important the involvement of images is in blogging.

Every blogger who is aware of the importance of having an attractive image in their blog is always busy in finding a unique image for their blog. In order to do so, they often download images directly from Google without realizing the legal consequences of the same. But knowing the essentiality of images they also can’t ignore to add images.

Then what should be done to end this confusion? We will be talking about a middle way that the bloggers can choose which will help them to find attractive images as well as save them from falling into any legal trouble. And the solution that can make this possible is Pixabay Mobile App.

What is Pixabay Mobile App all about?

This is an app that allows bloggers to find over a million of free images for commercial use without any need to give credits or copyright issues. This mobile app gives bloggers an easy to access app for downloading their desired image from their mobile device.

The well-known brand of Pixabay launched an app for both iOS and Android for the bloggers to help them find free images just by accessing their mobile phones. This incredible app has made it possible to bring over a million of free images at the fingertips of the bloggers.

Getting an image for the blog was a very big challenge for the bloggers. They used to search many places before getting the desired image for the blog. But with the introduction of this app in the market, the task of bloggers to find free images seems to become a little easy and convenient.

The only thing you need to do after downloading the app is to get yourself registered which just takes few seconds and then there you are ready to explore the vast world of free images.

What are its key features?

Find the following as its key features:

  1. Free to use
  2. No ads
  3. Friendly user-interface
  4. Fast search results
  5. Easy zooming of images with one touch viewer
  6. Direct downloading of all size’s images
  7. Easy management of the liked and commented images
  8. Instant connections with others via comments
  9. Option to display tags and relevant information
  10. Swiping through search results

Get an easy access to many free images for commercial use with Pixabay mobile app.

Let us know how was your experience with this app posting using this for finding the image for your blog.