How to Receive Commission Junction Affiliate Payment via Payoneer?

When it comes to receiving advertising and affiliate income from foreign countries, there are limited options available. Most of the people getting tensed if the only payment options are via check. It is not an unknown thing that at the time of receiving the check, many problems may arise like undelivered mail. The only solution is reissuing the check. But this option can delay the payment process. This is the biggest problem that faces the AdSense publisher. For this reason, EFT payment option has come to pace.

You may have heard about the commission junction that is the most popular affiliate marketplace along with ShareASale, PeerFly, and Clickbank. Most of the user use Payoneer to receive their payments. It is free online services that will give you the opportunity to get the payments from the foreign countries. Let us discuss how to configure the commission junction account for receiving payments via Payoneer.

Commission Junction affiliate payment Payoneer

What is the Commission Junction?

This is a part of affiliate marketing. It is the very popular place of marketing for affiliate marketers. Many people use this for some years and they have told that they can get high-quality affiliate products to promote. This affiliate marketing place is a great solution for independent bloggers. It is very advantageous as because it does not require any training. It is very easy to use. You have to simply sign up for a free account and you can start using this fee junction. Another advantage of this affiliate network is you can easily choose products based on niche. If you are looking for some money via affiliate marketing then signing up with Commission Junction is the best way.

How to Use Payoneer?

When you want to sign up for a Payoneer account it will take you to your bank account. If you need a local bank account then Payoneer will give you a local account in Europe, USA, United Kingdom, and Japan. When you want to receive your payment from anyone you have to share your bank account details which are given by Payoneer with that person.  Let’s discuss it in details.

Sign Up With Payoneer

When you try to sign up you have to sure that you enter the same address that you gave on the Airbnb payment page. After completing the sign-up Payoneer will approve your details by email. Once you are approved you will receive a card by email. You need to activate that card for making payments.

Get Your US Bank Routing Number from Payoneer

Along with PayPal, Payoneer also offers a unique way to receive payments from other companies. After creating a free account on Payoneer, you will get a US bank routing number and EU bank routing number. If you have to transact money from the US to India then use US payment service that can send payment to the US bank which is powered by the Payoneer. Payoneer will transfer the money from the US to Indian bank account within 24 hours. The whole transaction process is very simple and once you have configured it, you can easily transact money without any manual intervention.

Steps You Have To Do

Following steps are required for making payment.

  • Create a free account on Payoneer.
  • Login to Payoneer dashboard and click on US payment service
  • You will see the US payment service information on the next page
  • Now you have to fill up some criterion on commission junction payment page
  • Now you will start to receive the commission junction commission.

Update Payment Information at Commission Junction

Now it is the time to get your US payment via Payoneer. Open the commission junction in a new tab and log in to your account. Click on the native to the account and then go to the administrative settings tab for updating your tax or payment information.

Once your Payoneer master card is prepared then Airbnb will make your payment in EUR or USD. It depends on your country. Now you can view your balance on Payoneer’s website.  Payoneer delivers the fund to your account within 2-3 hours. Remember one thing that for many countries like Australia, India, Mexico, Singapore, commission junction offers a direct bank deposit option. In that case, you have no requirement to use the Payoneer payment method. For many countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka where direct bank deposit is not possible, Payoneer works excellently as a way of receiving payments without any issue.

When you receive payments you can use Payoneer. It offers services in some selected countries. So if you want to receive money in USD, GBP then you should try this one. According to the digital marketers, it is the best way to get the commission junction affiliate payment. For them, commission junction is a reliable and old marketplace to get affiliate offers from top companies. So, if you are new in the CJ then you should search the internet and learn information about this.