Various Content Marketing Tools for Increasing Efficiency

Today, when every other person is writing their own blogs and are making efforts to attract readers to their concerned work, it has become very important that the content should be written and presented in a unique way. Other than having a different flair of writing it is equally critical and essential to make a majority of people aware of your work.

Content marketing is an easy way to reach to a number of people and to make them know about your work. It can also be used to display the variety of goods, services, and products that you offer. You can instantly make an update about the new offerings. But what we need to take care here is to select the right way to target your audience.


Writing an excellent article is not sufficient to have a huge audience pool but it is also important that you have a well established and well-planned content marketing strategy that help you to keep the readers engaged with your content.

Top Content Marketing Tools

Again an important matter to give a thought is that out of so many available options and tools which one should be chosen so that it help us achieve our main target. To help our readers in this dilemma we have shortlisted some of the popular content marketing tools that you can use for increasing the efficiency of your article. These are the content marketing tools:

1. Outbrain

This is an amazing tool that you can use to increase your audience base to a greater extent. Don’t fall into the category of writers that has an amazing writing skill but never reaches out to people and thus lack from getting the expected and desired results. Use this tool and reach to many people.

2. Mailchimp

This is a marketing tool that you can use to notify all your domestic and international readers at a single go. When users are updated in a unique manner and on the timely basis they will always stick by your side and will wait for your next work. This tool is your solution to notify all your readers instantly.

3. Evernote

In the growing competition we all can relate to the importance of having unique and innovative ideas for writing content. But just imagine is it possible to remember all the ideas every time? Not possible, right? Now imagine if you had a tool with which you can keep a record of all your ideas, editorial work or any future collaborations. Felt better? You can actually now do all this by using this effective tool of Evernote.


It has always been a good idea to depict something to people using images rather than presenting them in words. Also, it has been observed that people tend to show more interest in graphics and images than words. So, you can make the use of this tool to add the advantage of an infographic to enhance the efficiency of the article.

5. MixPanel

In case you have a huge audience base and want to deliver the content of their choice to them, MixPanel is the tool that can help you out to segment your audience so that you can give them what they want. Other than this, it can also be used for features like retention analysis, funnel reports, A/B testing, etc. The biggest plus point that it hold is you don’t need any special skills to access it. It is very user-friendly.

6. Atomic Ally

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can get an idea about what impact our article will make on the audience. Though the outcome of the article cannot be predicted in advance about how the audience will like your content, with this tool, you can have a preview of what can be the result of your work. This judge you on majorly on 20 critical factors to give you an idea of the likings of the audience. In this way, you can be sure that the audience will like what you are presenting to them.

7. HubSpot

This is the most preferred one amongst the marketers. They are in love with this tool as it gives them a number of features and options that can give them help in doing all the work. From the social platform analytics tool, message scheduling, blog posts to creating effective landing pages you can have them all in this tool. A complete package, isn’t it?

8. BuzzSumo

If you ask any marketer which tool they like to find the trending topics, to know what their competitors are doing, higher ranking keywords they will shout the name of BuzzSumo to you. With a variety of option, this tool is definitely the king in terms of content and analytics.


Do you want to make a positive impact on your audience with an attractive and efficient use of a variety of images but are not aware of using the different photo editing tools? If this is your case then you must try this tool with which you can create some amazing images and can attract many eyes towards your work. This is easy to use and offers lots of options for editing the images.

These are some of the champion tools that we find for the content marketing. Try them and make a remarkable impact of excellence on the audience and be at your best over your competitors. Please let us know which tool you found the most helpful for you and how you used it for enhancing your work. Also, we are always open to know any more tools that you use and are effective in results.