How to Earn up to $100 by PayPal Referral Program?

Each PayPal account holder in the US has now something interesting. If you have a PayPal account, you can make $100 by making a referral to other people to PayPal. It is one of the well-known web tools for individuals who work on the Internet to earn money. Once upon a time when PayPal started, it offered people $20 to open an account and $20 for referring someone. Wasn’t PayPal referral interested that time? PayPal became the leader of online payment techniques for several years. Now things have changed and lots of new people came in this field.

PayPal referral program

Definition of PayPal

PayPal is the contemporary way to buy online. You can pay for the online business, your friends and others with the help of a number of payment options. It has strong measures for security since the receiver does not need visiting debit or credit card, bank account or any other. It is known for its maximum security for making payment.

Get $5 to Refer Each User

The referral plan is suitable for anybody who is having an active account in US PayPal. Let us know how to make $100 by inviting others for joining it. Users, who want to join on the invitation, can earn $5 by opening an account and performs a transaction within a couple of weeks after sign up. The transaction includes a minimum $5 and not be canceled, reversed or refunded by seller or referee. Let us see how to earn the referral link of PayPal:

Way to Attain PayPal Referral Link

It is recommended to use the mobile app for PayPal for achieving the referral link. It is easy to search the app in play store of Google or the app store of iOS and download. Some steps are included for the app. They are log in the mobile app of PayPal, a gear icon is there at top right. You need to click on it. Here, you will get an option for inviting a friend and make $5. You need to click on it. Again option will come for sharing the invite or select from contacts. You may invite a friend from the contact list of your phone.

Wonderful Facts of PayPal Affiliate Program

It is possible to post a referral link on the message board or blog by choosing the emails and clicking on sharing an invite. An email is needed to send to your own inbox to get the PayPal referral link. Read on to know some wonderful facts of the affiliate program of PayPal. It is possible to earn up to $100. Several personal contacts can be sent via it. This program will not allow making a post publicly where people are not included in your personal contacts.

Benefits of PayPal App

It is recommended to search on the Internet for getting free download option of this app. You need to open and make a registration to a PayPal account. Now the process is completed for sharing more referral links and enjoys to earn more money. Through this application, it is possible to send your money to any place throughout the world. It needs seconds to transfer the money and enjoy also. Let us elaborate some more plus point of this app which made this very popular in this era:

  • The only thing you require a mobile number or email address.
  • It does not cost you while sending money from the balance of PayPal or bank account to anyone in the US.
  • By getting, sending and spending money, you will get an immediate notification for having a track of the process.

You can easily manage the safe app while using a bank, PayPal Credit, credit and debit cards.

Important Condition

PayPal lets any account holder provide his referral link on the website of a third party like social media. It is important to satisfy the terms and conditions of the website also. While sharing PayPal referral link, it is advised to inform the referee that you get paid from PayPal as commission if they complete sign up. The referee needs to perform a valid transaction. It is compulsory so if you do not reveal this instruction, PayPal can disqualify you. It may forfeit any kind of rewards that you have achieved. Following are the reasons why this program has achieved lots of reputation in this age:

  • PayPal will help you get paid easily.
  • It is important to send money request which will let the people pay you quickly.
  • A collection of money may be for any group gift or online sales.
  • It is easy for both the people and you.

Hopefully, in the future, PayPal will permit the users to get the advantages of affiliate program in other counties also. Till then through sending recommendations to others, US users of PayPal can enjoy the opportunity for making $100.