How to Get Clients for a Freelance Writing Business Using Twitter?

Most of the new freelance writers start their marketing service on Twitter because it is reliable and safe for all. There are some tips or tricks to start this marketing service. If you adopt this strategy on your service then you can easily get freelance writing clients on Twitter. Let us take a brief discussion on these various tips and tricks and how they work.

Grow Freelance Writing Business with Twitter

Freelance writing business twitter

Step 1: Create Your Own Twitter Account

To getting freelance writing clients using Twitter you have to sign up for a free account. For creating an account on Twitter you have to go the and click on the sign up for a twitter account. This process is very simple and you can submit the complete information on it. You can notice the difference when you log in on the page and when you are not logged in as a registered user.

Step 2: Create a Personal Profile

This part is very important because it will show off your skill, personality, and your business. It helps you to make your own brand. This tool will introduce you formally like a business card. Your way of representation and writing should be good because it will make your first impression.  For this reason, you have to give more time on creating this personal profile. If you have no clear idea about how to represent yourself then you must go to the Twitter profiles of other freelance writers. You can learn in which process they have made their Twitter profile meaningful and engaging.

Step 3: How to Create a Personal Profile?

For creating your own profile you have to click on the little gear icon. Then “edit profile’’ option will come and you have to click on it. After clicking, the “profile editing’’ screen will come. Now upload a headshot or your business logo to this page. Putting a headshot is more preferable because most of the people want to put a face to your tweet.  Apart from the photo, you may add some information about yourself. Insert your location because people want to know your exact location. Below the profile add your website address which will take the people to your website to learn more about you.

Step 4: You Should Keep Your Profile Active

Constantly updating your own status will keep your profile active. Tweet about the last gigs that you have recently covered, a client testimonial, something new that you have learned recently, events that you have attended, advice on writing etc. In short tweets, you can share your personal interests, your likings, what you have done with your kids in the last weekend etc. You can attach a photo for creating more interest. You may tweet your information within an informative content which is limited to 140 characters.  If you want to be a master in the tweet then research on how the other freelance writers post their tweets.

Step 5: Constantly Update Your Status

If you are very good at Twitter, your status is very important to you because it can attract more loyal followers to your post. They become the fans of your tweet and they can retweet it to their followers. In this way, more followers may generate. Some well-known freelance writers who have written on have gained more than 75000 followers.

Step 6: Share Complete Information through Tweet

In Twitter, you can easily share your information within 140 characters. It is very important to maintain the word count. It is not mandatory that every tweet should be professional or stilted. If there is a touch of personality or a sense of humor in the tweet ten it can be called the best tweet. At the time of sharing information via tweets, you may share some of your personality.

Step 7: You Can Write On Fan Pages

Twitter has the popularity for its fan pages. It is the one where you can establish your existence and can make your social profile more public. Most of the people like to enjoy fashionable products, popular celebrities, big time companies, and new trends. Twitter is one of the famous places where you can enhance your knowledge if you are interested in entertainment, finance, fashion, celebrity news, and business.

Step 8: You May Send Direct Messages

Some writers use Twitter to send short messages directly to their followers. The followers may editors or clients. This direct one on one messaging can impress your clients. They think that you care about their needs and think about them. These messages go to the recipient’s inbox directly from where they can read it privately. This process refers to the personal way of offering your service as a freelance writer.

All the advice you can apply about marketing to freelance writing clients on Twitter.  If one strategy does not work then choose another strategy which is suitable for you.  For a freelance writer who wants to be free, Twitter is the best place to attract potential clients.