How to Make your First Blog Post Shine?

How many of you remember the first time you ride a bicycle or the first time when you started using a pen in school? I am sure you all must remember these things when done for the first time. Doing anything for the first time is an amazing experience in itself. You always remember the efforts that you put in for making your first attempt a hit.

The excitement of doing anything for the first time is always amazing but it brings an unsaid responsibility that you need to impress people with your work. Usually, people judge and make a perception about you from your first work done. Therefore, you must take care to make the first impression one lasting for long.

First Blog Post First Impression

Here we are to help you create a great first impression on your readers. Let us explore the following things that you should include in your first blog post.

1. Introduce Yourself

Along with your blog, topic and information users will love to know about yourself. Tell them a bit about yourself. Don’t hide behind your words. Rather use your words to let your readers know about yourself. Tell them who you are, what you like and what your preferences are? Users will love to relate with you and know who is behind the thoughts with which they related so easily. It helps you to establish a personal connection with your users.

2. What Inspired You

Readers will also love to know what inspired you for starting your career as a blog writer. Tell them your story and inspire many others for the same. Also, give people reasons as to why they should read your blogs and why they should follow you. Relate with your audience and make them yours forever.

3. Blog’s Content

After you have introduced yourself and your inspirational story, tell your readers what you will be blogging about. Tell them the category that you will be targeting when blogging. You can make a list of all the sectors that you will be targeting like entertainment, education, etc.

4. Audience

Always have a clear idea about the audience for whom you are writing content for. Define your targeted audience from the start. This will help the users to connect with you instantly and also you will be clear about the type of audience you have to write content for. Once you are clear about the targeted audience you can easily write blogs and stories with which they can relate to.

5. Involve your Audience

Look for ways by which your audience can connect with you. Give them various ways and options by which they can connect with you. Give them reasons to comment, like and subscribe to your blogs. By having a number of people talking about you, you can get a lot of followers for your blogs.

6. Blogging Goals

State clearly your goals for blogging. What do you want to achieve from your blogs? Where do you see yourself and your blog after 6-8 months? Make a statement that defines your targeted dreams to be achieved with your blogs.

As the saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression”. So, you must take care of the things that you are including in your first blog post so that you can easily make a lasting impression.

Let us know how this blog helped you in creating an impactful first impression.