Signing Up for Google AdSense Here’s the Must-Follow Checklist

Nowadays, getting into a Google AdSense program isn’t as easy as it seems to be. It’s essential for you to abreast yourself with all the ins and outs related to this. As one of the largest Ads Network online, AdSense is quite similar to the very popular Pay Per Click system. The high paying rates associated make it the number one choice of individuals who want to make quick money over the World Wide Web. The sad part of AdSense is that the approval system is extremely strict. That means, committing minor mistakes can get you banned. Therefore, as an attempt to offer you guidance on applying for Google AdSense, I’ve written this blog. Here, I’ll be offering you a handy checklist that you need to follow before getting started.

Google AdSense approval checklist

A must-follow checklist before indulging in Google AdSense

1.  Create an impressive About Us Page

If you’re serious about your Google AdSense campaign, it’s essential for you to create and display an appealing About Us Page. This is the page, which describes you and your blog. You must include all the accurate details on this page to make the readers build trust in you.

2. Don’t miss a Contact Us Page

It is highly recommended to offer your readers a medium through which they can speak about you and tell how they feel about your blog, the changes they require for it, the things they like about it and the things they dislike about it. A fully-functional Contact Us Page will also show the Google AdSense Team that you actually care about your readers and aren’t just concerned about making quick money.

3. Age Verification needs to be kept in mind

Google AdSense is not available for people under 17. Hence, prior to choosing AdSense, ensure to be accurate while typing in your age.

4. Be Careful while publishing content on your blog

If you actually want to grow your prospects in Google AdSense then it is absolutely essential to pay attention to the type of content you are publishing. Make sure the content you publish on your blog doesn’t contain any illegal items, pornography, Drugs-related subjects etc. Also, ensure to keep the word limit more than 300 words, or else there are chances of disapproval.

5. Eliminate any traces of paid traffic for your website

Google penalizes websites that are receiving paid traffic. Hence, it is advised to eliminate all the paid traffic campaigns for your website. Rather you can choose to bring in natural traffic via search engines or any other way that’s definitely not a shortcut.

6. Don’t forget to include a Privacy Policy section in your blog

Well, this is a common mistake that’s committed by almost every blogger. In order to receive the approval letter for Google AdSense, it is absolutely essential to have a Privacy Policy section for your Blog. This section would actually describe your readers about the things they can expect from your blog, what they are permitted to do on your Blog and what they are barred from doing while accessing your Blog. You can either choose to write your blog’s Privacy Policy by yourself or use a Privacy Policy Generator available online.

Wrapping Up

Google AdSense is a brilliant means of making quick money. If you want to grow your financial assets via AdSense, all you need to do is simply keep the aforementioned points in mind. If you abide by this checklist, you’ll actually be able to make the most out of your AdSense campaign. Making good money via Google AdSense is possible only when you follow the standards set for the respective web-based money making methodology.