Increase Website Engagement Using These WordPress Plugins

In today’s digital world you can easily make your presence felt by juggling relevancy and offering valuable information to your customers. It’s necessary for you to understand the needs of your audience and find ways to meet them as this helps in offering the best service. However, past content and relevancy, audience/website engagement is also crucial. Nothing works better than your ability to keep your users engaged as that’s most significant to your business.

WordPress website engagement

Website Engagement through WP Plugins

So here we present the WordPress plugins useful in increasing website engagement and retention.

1. Disqus

Synonymous with seamless interaction, this nifty blog comment system had more than 200,000 WordPress downloads and is prominent to enhance overall website engagement. It’s easy for visitors to join the conversation in little time owing to its flexibility and user-friendly design. It supports login accessibility via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, along with a native registration method via username and email.

2. Contextual Related Posts

It’s easy to engage your users by offering them more of what they desire and for the same, you can use Contextual Related Posts. It is a robust, lightweight WordPress plugin displaying various posts related to what is being read by your visitors while successfully incentivizing with additional interesting content.

With this plugin you get a list on the basis of your article’s title and content as this improves relevancy, potentially allowing you to reduce bounce rates by retaining visitors for a longer time. Thus supports thumbnails, shortcode placement, widget display, custom post types as well as a variety of CSS styling options, among others. Ensuring engagement is easy, by excluding a few posts from categories and present the visitors with what they desire.

3. CaptainForm

Enhance website engagement and loyalty by offering accessible and friendly customer service using CaptainForm, which is an advanced, easy-to-use form builder ensuring your readers that they reach you in various ways. Like, its drag-and-drop editor offers great flexibility customized to your website’s and users’ needs, thus you are enabled to insert any field type in order to boost interaction among yourself and all visitors.

It’s easier to integrate it with services like PayPal and Stripe Payments, MailChimp, Dropbox and GetResponse for maximum flexibility.

4. Responsive Poll

With the Responsive Poll plugin, it’s easier to enhance interaction within published content and all through their entire blog with long-term objectives. It’s easy to place a semi-permanent survey as a widget gathering particular data over a long period. Thus it gives a greater insight into users’ needs.

By asking the right questions it’s helpful to segment your audience and show them important information as this boosts overall engagement.

5. Revive Old Post

Publish fresh content and new ideas in order to boost website engagement. However while doing this, it happens that your blog’s older information gets ignored as it comes off the front page. However, you can address this issue using Revive Old Post which automatically posts new and older content to your Twitter account. This is helpful in maintaining a high level of engagement long after an article is published.

6. OptinMonster

Every kind of blog requires an active newsletter and this OptinMonster proves to be of your help. This robust plug-in offers an intuitive drag and drop builder allowing easy form-building and enticing visual styles.

On the backend, the users can be segmented by the behavior displayed all along your site. Like the plugin’s page-level targeting algorithm displays extraordinary forms customized according to your reader’s geographical location and overall actions. This makes for higher website engagement. Other features consist of timed popup forms, offering a higher level of flexibility without disrupting your readers’ time.

These are regarded among the best WordPress plugins out there helpful in improving the way visitors interact with your website. Do let us know about the other plugins and tactics and you can offer in order to boost blog engagement.