Review: Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads for Bloggers

You can have a number of options while making money from a blog. Giving PPC advertisements on the blog is one of the easiest ways. You will get paid that depends on the value of traffic, niche, and a number of clicks on the ads. Among all the network advertisements, Google AdSense is the finest one. They have strict rules so you need to be very careful else your AdSense account cannot be approved or disabled. Review includes an ad network to obtain amazing reviews worldwide. It is a good alternative to AdSense and such a network that is based on invitation. Anyone can invite on this platform. Lots of amazing features are there on this platform. It is a keen account manager to provide you with assistance in this regard. You will get complete assistance to make money from blogging. review yahoo bing contextual ads

Important Information about the Program is the appropriate ad network. Advertisements are hosted by this depending on the background of the page.  For instance, ads about dogs can be there on your page. The visitors should be able to see the advertisements regarding the dogs and products related to dogs.

Contextual advertisement works better compared to any other kinds of ads. This is why AdSense becomes reputed. gets powered by Bing and Yahoo. It is possible to visit high paying and high-quality ads through this. This platform is useful for small to big media houses and bloggers who make high-quality content. If someone possesses a small blog with high-quality content, the chance of approval is very high.

Most Notable Facets of Network ad network has the following features:

  • Higher Income – It contains high-quality ads with several optimization methods. You can make money from the hosted ads.
  • Contextual Advertisements – Ads will be displayed depending on the context of the page.
  • Ads on Mobile – One of the important aspects of this platform is that it lets you host the mobile ads. It will be used in the future for advertising by the publishers since the number of Smartphone users are enhancing.
  • Clean Dashboard – Reporting dashboard is very clean and easy to use also.
  • Account Manager – provides an account manager that is completely dedicated. Once, you get an approval on this platform, an account manager will be assigned to you. You will be guided in setting up the process and how to get started. If you do not perform optimization of ads, the account manager will perform this on your behalf.
  • Sizes of numerous Ad Units – An ad management panel is there in to create ad units of different sizes.
  • Single Account for Unlimited Number of Websites – If you get an approved account from, the same can be used for running the ads on a number of sites. It is important to obtain an approval for each website which can be performed with the help of a site manager.

How do You Start with; Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads are based on invitations. It is recommended to apply for an invite code. You need to add the details about your website and yourself. The owners of multiple websites and blogs will get the advantage to apply for all with a single account.

Your blog will be checked by the representatives. Once you get the approval, an account manager will be assigned to you. Your login details will arrive through the email. Program policies can be there for ensuring the quality of ads. It is important to check the policies for the information before applying.

Once the application gets approved, it is important to login to the dashboard of You may make the ad units for the website and keep the code. The procedure is easy and almost like the AdSense and others.

After going through the reviews and considering about, many users have switched towards it. This is strongly recommended to sign up for an account of the publishers. This way, you will get a good alternative to the AdSense. Sign-Up Procedure

Signup process on this platform is pretty easy. It is an ad network which is based on invitation. You require mentioning your email id and website. reviews each website independently. If your website gets approved, you will come to know this from your account manager. Afterward, you will obtain your login details. It may take 4 to 5 working days for the approval procedure. is the best alternative compared to Google AdSense. Trying this platform is helpful if you want to reduce your endeavors and enhance your income from the website content. Generally, RPM is pretty high and it will help you make more money. It is recommended to sign up for a publisher’s account on this platform.