How to Create a Gleam Giveaway and Grow Blog Readers?

Many bloggers face the basic issue of having less engagement or low readability of their blog despite providing with all the information and facts. This is a very common issue that any of us complain about. Many experiments have been done to know the exact reason for this and the ways to overcome this. But, nothing seems to help much.

To solve such issues one of the ways that can be tried is to try “giveaway”. Giveaway is passing some of the information that is known only to some people. This act is considered very effective to increase the engagement and readership of the content. Readers will find relating to your content if they are getting some useful information and some inside facts.

Giveaway is not confused with telling every detail to your users. It is simply sharing some useful tips, ways or relevant information with the users without compromising everything. This is one of the ways which results in an effective increase in the engagement ratio of the users.

Gleam Giveaway Tool

The best site to draft your giveaway is Gleam (URL: It is not expensive and offers you a very friendly user-interface to create your first giveaway. There are other sites as well like KingSumo for making giveaway but if you are a beginner with it then it can cost you a bit higher. Let us throw some light on the features that make Gleam worth to be used.

  1. Target the right niche: Not every information excites everyone. Only the people who seem to get any benefit from it will show any interest. But, to make the people talk about your content you need to target it to your targeted audience. Gleam helps you to present your content to the targeted audience.
  2. Getting sponsors: Gleam is also an effective way to get sponsors for your content. You can try this by starting a contest or a quiz with your readers.
  3. Growing social network: It is also effective in letting you expand your social connections. With Gleam targeting your desired audience is very easy and when you are doing so you are also expanding your connections.
  4. Perfect for launch: This is the most preferred choice of the entrepreneurs who are launching a new product as they get an option for having a lot of sample contest that helps you in planning your giveaway.

Reading benefits of Gleam

Benefits of using Gleam

These are some of the benefits that Gleam offers you. Now let us also analyze how we can create a sample contest on it. Let us find the following steps:

Create an account: The very first thing you need to do is creating an account on Gleam. Once you are done with creating an account, the first thing that you will see on the dashboard for making giveaway will be two options

  • Copying from the examples available from the competition
  • Creating your own giveaway

How to create a Gleam Giveaway?

Let us focus on creating our very own giveaway. For that, all you need to do is:

  1. Define Name: After deciding to create your own giveaway you will start the process by defining the name of the giveaway. Along with the name you will be required to enter some additional information like starting and ending time, locations and language, etc.
  2. Prize: Since we are creating a contest we have to make it tempting by offering some amazing prize for winning that. You can enter the details of the prize which you have decided to give to the winner. You can define the number of winners, set up the rules and regulations for your contest as well.
  3. User-details: Select the way in which your users can log in in the contest and what information they must provide to take entry and submitting their response. You can add as many details here as you want.
  4. Handling the faulty entries: You also get an option to get an idea about all the faulty entries in your contest and can nullify them.
  5. Choose the winner: You also get many options for choosing the winner of your contest. You can pick up one winner or can increase the quantity by choosing 2-3 winners for the contest.

There is a lot more that Gleam can offer to you with its amazing features when trying your hands with creating your first giveaway. Explore the various benefits that it gives you by starting your account of Gleam and getting access to its many features.

Let us know how your experience with Gleam Giveaway tool was and which of its feature you liked the most. Feel free to contact us for any doubts.