Best WordPress Affiliate Programs 2020: Join and Earn Money

WordPress is a major content management system or CMS. It is also an effective way to earn a livelihood for a number of people. A number of freelancers, bloggers, and web developers are using this to make money by plugins services, consultancy, or selling themes. The individuals, who are not in development, can join WordPress affiliate programs for making money through the promotion of products.

Commission from Associate Sales

It is possible to approve the product of someone with the exclusive tracking link. This way you can obtain a commission from the associated sales. If someone is blogging on this platform, it is possible to recommend a high-quality product that is used by him/her.

When a user buys the product based on someone’s referral, he/she can make money. A number of WordPress affiliate programs are there for the bloggers of WordPress. These programs are available to everyone so it is possible to join them and also promote the ones that suit your style and taste in the best possible way.

Some Recommended Products for Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate products on WordPress include a number of categories. These are WordPress Premium Themes, WordPress Backup-Management Products, WordPress Premium Plugins, and WordPress Hosting. You require knowing a few things regarding this:

Obtain a PayPal Account

PayPal is used by most affiliate programs to provide the payment. It is important to acquire a PayPal account. You may use a high-quality and particular WordPress product and didn’t notice the overview of the affiliate program. It is recommended to type “product name + affiliate program” in Google to obtain the details of the affiliate program for the product.

paypal on phone

You may join all of them since it is absolutely free and easy. It is suggested to join them and have them on the mailing list. This way it will be possible to receive the promotional materials, most recent coupon codes, and important insights about the products.

All of the products may not promote by you but it is possible to get useful information from the email. Let us get effective information about the useful affiliate programs on WordPress. You can promote them on your blog and make a good amount of money.

Affiliate Programs on WordPress Themes

In this era, lots of high-quality WordPress affiliate programs for WP themes are there. Let us take an overview of them:

What is Genesis Themes?

It is the best WordPress theme frameworks and lots of bloggers are continuing with this. The downfall of the Thesis theme causes Genesis to be the renowned theme framework. It is priced at a higher rate and used by elegant bloggers or well-known online businesses.

You can easily promote the framework and skins of Genesis.  It is possible to earn a good amount of money with a single and quick promotion. Let us share its worthwhile features:

  • It is a two-tier affiliate program
  • The program involves cookies for 60 days
  • You will obtain a 35% commission on each sale
  • The application is handled by ShareASale and the payout is made through ACH or bank transfer

Genesis is the finest one but there are many more programs that you can join. It includes the Themejunkie affiliate program and the ThemeForest affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs for WordPress Plugins

An extensive list of high-quality WordPress Plugins is there. You may promote them to make money. It is not possible to stick with a single plugin that you may stick with. The marketplace for high-quality plugins is very competitive since a better product gets appeared on every day.

You require being active to know which products are the finest on the market and how they function. This will help you get into the niche of plugins promotion. Marketplaces are very important since you can find high-quality and latest plugins for promotion.

What is Known as the Themeisle Affiliate Program?

Some of the most wanted WordPress plugins are provided by Themeisle. They help you get product review plugin, revive the old posts, and also obtain ad-block notify plugin. It has such programs where you can obtain a good percentage of sales. Since lots of themes are there, you may promote them and make lots of money from there.

Elementor Plugin: Live Page Builder

This is one of the well-known free page builder plugins that are included in WordPress. A pro version is there to provide access to pro-widget. It involves an affiliate program that provides 50% of the sale. As their WordPress plugin becomes very popular, it is effective to sell their pro version. Anyone can avail of the chance for making 50% of the sale from this plugin.

These are some major WordPress affiliate programs that help a number of people earning their livelihood. You may search on the Internet to know about the new products that can work effectively for you to make money and earn your livelihood.