How Can You Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate management: With the recent time and increased understanding of people on various issues and people being more use to with the world of digitalization, it has been observed that readers look for every small detail when looking in an article. They want everything to be precise, simple and yet effective without facing many difficulties.

On the other hand, if readers are not provided with what they have been expecting from the article, they immediately bounce back to some other piece of information. It doesn’t matter if your content is different or you have used some unique style in presenting it, what really matters is if your readers are liking it or not. If not, then despite your several efforts your site will face a high bounce rate.


A high bounce rate has been a matter of concern for many blog writers and they have been consistently looking for ways to reduce the bounce rate. Every day they come up with some new ideas so as they can be successful in making the bounce rate less.

Reasons of High Bounce Rate

Are you also looking for ways by which you can reduce the bounce rate? But before you jump on any idea about how can you reduce the concerned bounce rate, make yourself clear of what exactly causes the readers to bounce back. Here are some of the possible reasons:

Slow Loading

Your article may be taking too long to load and ask yourself who has such patience in today’s time? This can be possible the main reason why the readers bounce back from your page.


Don’t you feel irritated if you are continuously being disturbed in the middle of something important? Now imagine how your readers will feel if they encounter too many ads in reading your article. Having too many ads is not a good option and make the readers divert to somewhere else.


There are high chances that your readers may bounce back because of the frequent pop-ups that come up. This probably may make them lose interest in your content and they eventually bounce back from it.

Irrelevant Content

The readers are there for the content and if they don’t get what they were expecting from you, then they will not spare any time in moving from your blog.

Reducing Bounce Rate…

These are some of the possible reasons that cause high bounce rate, now let us focus on the solutions that we can try to reduce the bounce rate. The solutions that you can try to reduce the bounce rate are as follow:

Focus on Readability

The first step that you must put your focus on is how you can increase your readability of your blogs. No matter how many unique ideas you come up with, if the readability is not good the readers will not entertain your efforts.

Be Creative

Try and be as much creative as you can while presenting your content. Use attractive fonts, style, color, etc. to make your readers pay attention.

Make Short Videos

To give your readers a hint of what the content talks about, give them a short video or movie that can brief them about it. The readers will get to know about the idea that you have presented in your work and if they like it and can relate then they will never bounce back.

Experiment with Format

Never make your content to appear similar to what you had already delivered. The same monotonous approach will make the readers lose interest and they will switch from your work to somewhere else. Rather try and be unique every time you present something.

Easy Sharing

Give your readers an option to share your content with their friends, family and known people. People like showing off a bit when they find anything new or unique. Thus, make the sharing of your content easy so that the readers can tell all their contacts about you.


You can never go wrong when making the use of images. Images add an extra charm to your content and are no doubt eye-catchy. They are capable of grabbing reader’s attention if presented in the right way. Don’t use images that may hurt someone’s emotions or that are too loud to be accepted.

Give Information

Give your readers as much information as you can. People really appreciate finding out about new things and the help that they get in doing so. Don’t let this opportunity get wasted. Give your audience the sufficient amount of information supported with facts and data.

Be Interactive

Readers love when they are made a part of a discussion. Make your audience an essential part of what you are sharing so that they can think that their opinions and thoughts are respected and are of some value.

These are some of the ways that we found effective to get a hold on the increasing bounce rate. let us know which one you liked the most. Also feel free to tell any other way that you use for sustaining your readers.