Affiliate Network’s Mistake Was the Cause of GoDaddy Lose Business

Having an affiliate program for business products is beneficial to everyone. This can help you with more sales. Almost all of the leading companies follow this fact. The main aim is to produce a self-hosted affiliate program or use of affiliate networks like ShareASale, Commission Junction etc.  As a leading company, if you make a decision to work with an affiliate network, it is the best decision you have ever made in your life. If you are the affiliate manager of a program then you should understand the importance of maintaining policy, what to do or not do while undertaking PPC.

Affiliate network mistakes

You have to set constructive rules which can preserve the integrity of your brand. An affiliate network is helping to promote your brands and generate more revenue and more sell.  If an affiliate network starts to impose restrictions without having any knowledge about the brand then this can affect the overall sales of the brand. If you really want to make your brand popular then you should focus on the sales brand.

As an end user, you all know that NameCheap and GoDaddy are the two names which come first when talking about domain name business. GoDaddy is famous for its unique pricing and the NameCheap is for its simplicity.

Best Way to Use Affiliate Network

There are two kinds of business affiliation programs, which can be classified as “in house

the program” and “outsourced” from a separate network. Network affiliation business pattern can be beneficial if it is chosen in the right way. For proper utilization and beneficial use of affiliation network marketing one should opt for link cloaking. In other words, one should use the link to the same content to post their business add in different affiliation partner pages. In this way, one could save time for changing their content on different web pages. They just have to change their link to the same subhead to the new content. This way one can avoid doing mistake while changing content in different affiliated networks.

What is Commission Junction?

This is a part of affiliate marketing. It is a very popular place of marketing for affiliate marketers. Many people use this for some years and they have told that they can get high-quality affiliate products to promote. This affiliate marketing place is a great solution for independent bloggers. It is very advantageous because it does not require any training. It is very easy to use. You have to simply sign up for a free account and you can start using this fee junction. Another advantage of this affiliate network is you can easily choose products based on niche. If you are looking for some money via affiliate marketing then signing up with Commission Junction is the best way.

Why Is Commission Junction Not The Best Affiliate Network For GoDaddy?

If you want to make a passive income from the internet then you may try affiliate marketing. It is the easiest and cheapest method of earning money. As many people use this process, this becomes very competitive. It is not a part of mention that the market is filling up with many scammers. GoDaddy affiliate programs use their in-dwelling affiliation methods. But with affiliate URL cloaking it is easier and simpler to update the URL with just one click. Name cheap affiliate method worked on the principle of ShareASale community. After working some time with ShareASale and TradeDoubler GoDaddy moved to fee junction. Now all of the marketers who worked in this market are well aware of this Fee Junction affiliate community. They were turning towards affiliate URL cloaking.

What Is URL Cloaking?

Simply you can say that link cloaking is an act of affiliate link which helps to remove the visible affiliate code. You can’t recognize that it is an affiliate link.  After completing the link cloaking a redirect is taken into consideration so that the commission of the marketers may be well protected. Most of the affiliate links are lengthy. For this, it is very difficult to remember. Link cloaking is used to shorten this lengthy link and makes a branded and short URL.

So, before using any affiliate network in your business you have to know clearly about the affiliate network. Having an affiliate program for products is beneficial to everyone. This can make more sales for your products. Almost all of the reputed companies know this.  If you want to make your brand more popular then you have to use an affiliate program and maintain some policies.